New government building half full


As of 31 January, 466 civil servants are working in the Government Administration Building on Elgin Avenue, some 10 months after government entities began moving 
into the building. 

That is less than half of the number of people projected to work in the building when it is at full capacity. The number of civil servants in the building represents about 8 per cent of the total employees of Cayman’s government departments, statutory authorities and government-owned companies, or 13 per cent of core government civil servants, according to 30 June, 2010 statistics. 

Before the building opened in late March 2011, government officials said they hoped staff relocation would be finished by July 2011. 

In October 2010, however, chief project manager Jim Scott said, “The facility should accommodate a full complement of 1,026 staff by 
the year 2013.” 

In, or out 

Last week, the Ministry of District Administration, Works, Lands and Agriculture gave the Caymanian Compass a list of 20 entities that have moved into the building, including the governor’s office, cabinet office, the five ministries, and the lands and survey, planning and treasury departments. 

Before, the most recent list of entities planning to move into the new building had been published in late October 2010. Entities included on that list, but which have not yet moved into the building, include the maritime and electricity regulatory authorities. 

Earlier, a pair of public agencies backed out of relocating, after originally being slated to move into the building. In February 2011, it was determined the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority would not be moving into the building after all, even though the third floor of the five-storey building had been specially outfitted for more than 200 monetary authority employees. In March 2011, Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands Director Richard Smith confirmed his authority also would not be moving into the building. 

The Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands has 32 employees, while the civil aviation authority has 21 employees, according to information provided recently by the respective authorities. 


Soon come 

In February 2011, Financial Services Chief Officer Dax Basdeo confirmed that the Department of Commerce and Investment was going to move into the new building. Recently, a commerce department spokesperson said the department had not yet moved into the new building, but planned to soon. (One of the department’s 15 employees lives in Cayman Brac and so will not be working out of the new building.) 

Beginning on Friday, the Compass reached out to the Office of the Premier, Ministry of District Administration, Works, Lands and Agriculture, and Government Information Services for comment, but did not receive an official response for publication as of press time. 

Work on the office building began in 2008. The work had a projected price tag of $85 million.  

In October 2011, the new building appeared on a list of entities, projects and areas of public governance the Auditor General’s office expected to review during the next 18 months. 

The Compass has requested additional information including costs incurred by government entities for leasing office space, utilities and insurance. 

According to the Ministry of District Administration, Works, Lands and Agriculture, the following entities were located in the government building as of 31 January: 

Cabinet Office 

Computer Services 

Economics and Statistics Office 

Financial Services Administration 

Government Information Services 

Hazard Management 

His Excellency the Governor 

Lands and Survey 

Legal Affairs 

Ministry Community Affairs Gender and Housing 

Ministry District Administration Works Lands and Agriculture 

Ministry Education Training and Employment 

Ministry Finance, Tourism and Development (Public Finance) 

Ministry Health, Environment, Youth Sports and Culture 

Planning Department 

Portfolio Internal and External Affairs 

Portfolio of the Civil Service 

Postal Department – GOAP Unit 

Public Service Pension Board 

Treasury Department 


Government Administration Building on Elgin Avenue. – Photo: File


  1. The Maritime Authority was allowed by the respective PPM Minister at the time to rent an entire floor at their present waterfront location. To date, the entire floor they rent has not been utilized by them, or rented to help cover cost.

    That’s the way CIG saved money under PPM.

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