KPMG supports school’s accounting programme

This year has seen the start of what will ultimately become a full Years 10-13 Accounting programme at St. Ignatius Catholic School, with the introduction of IGCSE Accounting in Year 10.

Previously, this was offered only to Year 12 students as a one-year course, with successful students then proceeding to do the AS Level in Year 13. However, with the introduction of IGCSE Accounting as an option to students after they have completed Year 9, from September 2012 the school will be offering Accounting at IGCSE to Years 10 and 11, as well as AS- and full A-Level accounting to Years 12 and 13.

A key component to the growth and development of this programme has been the work of Dominique Chenier, the school’s head of Business Studies and Accounting, in tandem with the support from corporate sponsor KPMG. The sponsorship, which first began in 2007, includes support for tuition, resources and the donation of a prize at graduation for the highest academic achiever at AS-Level.

In February, the AS-Level accounting students spent the afternoon at KPMG. While there, the students were able to hear from various employees about their experience with KPMG, but most importantly, the educational path which brought them there.

The students were welcomed by the Managing Partner of KPMG Roy McTaggart, who told the students about his career with KPMG and encouraged them to seek a career in accounting. The students were also given advice by former St. Ignatius graduate Garth Ebanks, who has climbed the ranks to become one of the firm’s managers.

In addition, the students received presentations from employees who have benefitted from a KPMG scholarship. A number of St. Ignatius graduates have received the KPMG scholarship, the most recent recipient being Alexander McIntyre. Last year, Mr. McIntyre began studying for his accounting degree at the University of Western Ontario in Canada. The afternoon ended with a tour KPMG, where the students were able to gain an insight into the different types of work taking place within an accounting firm.

“KPMG is happy to support the development of the Accounting programme at St. Ignatius,” said KPMG partner Sheenah Hislop. “We have seen the value through investing in our young Caymanians and insuring that they have the tools necessary to form a strong foundation for a career within the profession. We will continue to support this great local initiative with St. Ignatius.”

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