Looking toward the future

Well, just as I expected; hearing from a few disgruntled respondents to my suggested use of Little Cayman for a garbage dump, being that of Little Cayman as it is most natural.

Of course, just like Grand Cayman, no one wants it in their back or front yard. However, time is of the essence here in this garbage debate and nothing gets done.

As our human population increases (on Little Cayman too) and human consumption is of the inevitable, yet no one has put forward a reasonable and feasible working alternative on the proper control of it all. Sure, except for incineration and recycle-incinerating, bad idea – it’s what I term as ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’ – what I mean is you are just eliminating one scenario to emit dangerous airborne green house gasses into the atmosphere at a time when everyone else is trying to go green. Does it make sense?

As for recycling, yes, it is the best idea, but is it reasonable and feasible for every bit and type of waste material we discard of? Well then, who will absorb the cost of the very much expensive machinery, high energy consumption and costly processing sites to do so? We the small population of these Islands?

We are already coughing up and complaining about the stifling cost of living here on these Islands; that has for sure damaged the tourism product, so never mind an additional dip into our own and tourists’ purse. You do the maths!

All I’ve been trying to say since my inception of my opinion letter is that it would be the least expensive from the two above mentioned – a properly developed and managed site that would prevent leaching of waste fluids and contaminants, a site away from immediate populated areas, create additional employment for a growing Caymanian population and to preserve all three Islands at one given time, for a long time as possible, is the way to go.

Capt. O. Diaz


  1. Capt Diaz when a person makes a conciliatory statement as you did that recycling is the best idea and follows it with a BUT then I can only assume that you still do not fully understand the importance to recycling to Cayman’s futute. It isn’t the population that is the primary issue althought we all know the population is growing rather it is the limited land mass.
    The recycling would include paper, plastic, aluminum and glass. Any dangerous products such as batteries, oil and paint would be dealt with separately.
    Within a year or 2 of recycling it will seem as natural and automatic as the current destructive system.

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