Van, truck crash on WB Road

Update: West Bay Road has reopened following a smash involving a van and a dump truck.

A dump truck hauling a full load of marl collided with a taxi van along Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach late Friday morning.

According to witnesses, the taxi van had just dropped off a group of tourists along West Bay Road near Calico Jack’s Bar and Grill. The driver allegedly turned around and went into the path of the dump truck.

The van was struck on the driver’s side door and both it and the truck ended up across the street from Calico’s on the opposite side of the road.

The taxi van’s driver was injured, according to witnesses he had blood on his face and a head wound, but he was alert and talking at the scene of the crash.Police said his injuries were not life-threatening.

Police had to shut down a section of West Bay Road in the Seven Mile Beach area to investigate the wreck. The road opened about an hour-and-a-half after the crash occurred. 


  1. Glad to hear that the taxi driver wasn’t seriously injured, but what if he had picked up a fare and then turned around into the path of the truck?
    Would have been far different.

    When will these taxi/minibus drivers realise that because they turn on their right turn signal to pull away after stopping, doesn’t allow them to bully their way into the path of traffic who has the right of way who are in process of passing them, or perform U-turns in similar situations. These are a dangerous practice and I thought the RCIPS were pursuing such violations In this case the taxi came off worse, and judging by the positions both vehicles ended up in, the taxi and driver was saved from being flattened by the truck driver’s obvious attempt to avoid this.

  2. Let me guess: Truck follows taxi van – Van decides to make a sudden stop to drop a passenger without indicating – Truck is too heavey to make sudden stop and hence slams van in the rear end and right side.

    I know this because I have seen how these taxi vans drive. They don’t indicate. Safety is not first. Its all about how much people they can cram into their vans to make dollars.

  3. I agree with Apprentice, that is most likely what happened. I have had my share of exercise in frustration with taxy/bus vans and their gross negligence in signaling/indicating. If it wasnt because of his quick reflect, my dearest husband would have gotten into a bad accident on his motorbike with a taxy/bus van because of the exact same thing a few years ago. He came home very much shaken by the incident. The van driver didn’t bother signaling or even checking their blind spot before forcing their way merging back in to traffic after dropping off/picking up passengers.

  4. I wonder why is it that parents who drop their kids to school, block the road everyday expect people who are driving to slow down or stop and police don’t give them a ticket?? I wonder when people pick up their friends or kids off any street any corner in grand cayman feel the same . How about the school bus? I’ve driven dump trucks and taxis and busses and my private car. They are all the same, people in general don’t ever signal their intention.
    Obstructing traffic ,obstructing traffic , how about the hundreds of cars that shouldn’t be on the road for the same thing ! Has any private vehicles been given tickets for obstructing or no signaling ?? How many?? where they from?
    How about the tourist rental cars ? Aren’t they a nuisance? Ever drive behind one going slow and giving a tour to the occupants??
    When are the powers that be going to do the right thing? Every person knows that when there is a holiday or sport event or a CRUISE SHIP IN PORT people will be coming in vehicles, taxis and busses. SLOW DOWN OR STOP SHOW A LITTLE COURTESY AND IMPRESS THE TOURIST. If in the case you are in the hurry use the bypass thats why its there for. How long has Calico Jack been there? How about that Pink house or the ginger bread house? How long has that been used as a tourist attraction? When you see a bus there do you shoot around the bus when you see the turn signal on? Why do you do that ? You were behind them right? That means you stopped . Then why are you trying to go around. You understand that the vehicle is prepared to move. Where are you going ? Less then five hundred feet ahead of you is a four way stop sign .Whats the rush? Just trying to get ahead of the bus nothing else. its dangerous. If you hit me from behind the Ins co. will say its YOUR FAULT and of course all the tourist will too. Your ins. co . will say You are the bad driver and your premium will go up or lose your license . So please stop , If you see any of us moving off or crossing your lane without signaling give them a ticket they know better.

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