Newlands Heights getting community park facilities

A new community park is in the works for Newlands Heights. 

The Bodden Town District Council, along with Cabinet Minister Mark Scotland and Member of the Legislative Assembly Dwayne Seymour broke ground on the site Friday. 

The park is one of six sponsored through the partnership with Dart Cayman’s “Growing Communities” initiative to develop community parks within the Bodden Town area of Grand Cayman. 

The first three parks already in the works are on Moonbeam Drive, Brightside Street and Hemlock Way, all in the Savannah-Newlands area off Hirst Road. 

The work on Newlands Heights’ three-quarter of an acre park began two weeks ago. Slated to be completed during the next few weeks, the park will feature a basketball court; two cabanas; a barbecue grilling station and a green area for football. 

When the parks are completed, community residents will be responsible for the upkeep. 

“From what I have read, parks increase the value of the area and improves the quality of life for residents who live in the area,” Mr. Seymour said. 

Mr. Seymour and Mr. Scotland both said the park will help provide a peaceful and attractive environment as well as a safe area where children can play. 

According to the District Council, Cayman’s Development and Planning Law requires developers to allot a portion of property to the community by way of land for public purpose. Several communities have had the land sitting undeveloped for more than 10 years unable to find the money to develop the areas needed for social interaction. All of these community parks are being made possible through the assistance and contribution by the Dart group of companies. 

Newland Heights playground

Members of the Bodden Town District Council as well as Members of the Legislative Assembly Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour and representatives of Dart Cayman break ground on a community park in Newlands. – Photo: Jewel Levy