Summer reading challenge issued

A Summer Reading Challenge is aimed at children on summer vacation from ages 6 to 17.

Participants are asked to complete a recommended number of minutes each week for their age group and log their reading time through the Summer Reading Challenge website,

“Current research in reading shows that during the summer children can actually lose what progress was made during the school year, or they can actually advance and begin the school year at a higher reading level than the level at which they ended it. This growth, or lack thereof, can be attributed to the amount of reading that children do throughout the summer, said Minister of Education, Rolston Anglin. “To that end, the Ministry of Education and Public Library Service are proud to introduce the Summer Reading Challenge which aims at keeping children reading throughout the summer, to maintain their skills, and even to improve them.”

During the challenge all public library branches will provide access to the Internet and to the books included on the recommended reading lists for the programme. Library staff will be available to help children make book selections and to complete entries on the Summer Reading Challenge website.

Students must register to take part in the challenge. To begin the reading adventure each participant will need to fill out a registration form and get a Cayman Islands Public Library Service card. Challenge participants must then go to and click on the “Register” link to set up their account. During each week of the challenge, participants will need to log minutes read and complete reading entries.

Once participants begin reading a book, they will be asked to enter the number of minutes they have read each week. Students will then be prompted to answer the question, “What was your favourite part of this book?” They can then rate the books they have read.

To be entered in the drawing for prizes, all students must have a CIPLS Library Card, read the minimum number of hours each week, read a minimum of five books during the programme and make sure to enter their challenge information on the website each week.

Get ready to read as the challenge begins on Monday, 16 July. Remember to register for the challenge at your local library and log in to the website to start logging your reading minutes, as the challenge finishes on 29 August.

For more information, contact your district library; Director of Libraries KC Williams at [email protected]; Youth Reference Librarian Juliet Lawson at [email protected]; or call the main library on 949-5159.