Editorial for 26 October: We welcome our visitors

The Cayman Islands economy is the winner this weekend as
about 130 delegates from 32 countries land at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach
Resort on West Bay Road.

They have chosen Grand Cayman as the hot spot to hold a
variety of meetings concerning all things sport.

It’s a chance for the Cayman Islands to shine and prove that
it can easily be counted as a sports tourism location.

On hand are delegates from the Central American and
Caribbean Sports Organisation and the Caribbean Association of National Olympic
Committees. They are being hosted by our very own Cayman Islands Olympic
Committee and the Cayman Islands government through the Ministry of Health,
Environment, Youth, Sports and Culture.

While the meetings the delegates will attend are important,
the time those delegates and their family and friends spend taking in the
Cayman Islands will be a boost to the country’s economy.

It is hoped they will be leaving behind cash as they eat at
our restaurants, take part in our tourism activities and enjoy all that the
Cayman Islands has to offer them while they are here.

This is also a time for those of us in the Cayman Islands to
put out best face forward while our welcomed guests are here.

If you live here, you are automatically an ambassador for
the territory; your actions toward strangers will be observed.

So be sure to offer a kind word and help our visitors
navigate this great place we call home.

We can be sure that the experience our visitors have while
on our shores will be shared with others back home who may be thinking of
coming to Cayman for a get away.

Any negative experiences are sure to be discussed and could
be the determining factor for those thinking of the Cayman Islands as a
vacation destination.

We welcome the delegates as they get together to discuss
sports and learn about the positive assets of our home.



  1. I am very pleased to note that Grand Cayman has been chosen as the venue for those delegates to hold their meetings.

    This is indeed very good international publicity for Cayman in that it is not only a place for visitors to come, relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the island, and the warmth and hospitality of its people. That is wonderful and should be encouraged and maintained so that tourists will keep on coming for that purpose. But Cayman must also be considered as an ideal place to have meetings, seminars, conferences, symposiums, etc. And as the Editorial points out it is hoped that these delegates will choose to eat at the many fine restaurants and participate in tourism activities.

    If these delegates and other visitors in general are well treated by all, they will depart with a good impression of what Cayman has to offer and spread the word to their colleagues and friends back home.

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