Pirates Point’s legendary costume competition here

Little Cayman has a long and proud history of running one of the most fun Hallowe’en parties on the planet and we’re pleased to report that 2012 continues in that tradition.

It takes place on Wednesday, 31 October, says Gladys Howard of the venue.

“We are staging the best/biggest/only Halloween party for the entire Little Cayman with prizes for best costume male, female, couple, group (4 or more) most comical, most unique, spookiest,” she tells us.

The party began in 1988, adds the legendary hotelier. Usually, the children turn up at about 6.30pm (the main party begins around 8pm for the adults). It truly is an island-wide event with pretty much everybody turning up to the festivities.

There were once 29 children involved in the party one particular year when visitors from other islands bolstered numbers as school was on an autumn break.

“Actually we have six children total on the whole island,” reveals Gladys.

“We have the lobby completely decorated with black light and this year I have bought a jumping spider that should have them screaming.”

Costume silliness

Live music starts around 7pm when people start arriving, with all sorts of weird and wonderful outfits to be had before the 9pm judging. It’s advised that the young ‘uns are put to bed before the main party kicks off as some of the costumes can be a tad near the knuckle. Still, the party/contest has produced some very memorable moments over the years, she says.

“Some late arrivals came just prior to the judging with chain saw running and a false leg, or the time the entire staff of Southern Cross arrived as Bravehearts with burlap costumes and shields made of bottle caps mounted scallop side out.

“There are a lot of costumes made of what is available, like cardboard boxes which we have had as a(one) night stand, boat, lion fish, et cetera. Some of the most amazing costumes have appeared over the years, like a lighted Xmas tree, a roll of toilet paper, a tube of toothpaste, a bubblegum machine, a shower that actually worked, a couple carrying their heads in their hands, a vampire complete with coffin, impersonations like Fidel Castro, Michael Jackson, plus lots of pirates – and definitely a lot of cross dressing. The guys walking in high heels is amazing,” Gladys says.

Compardre Gay Morse adds that there’s even been Gladys lookalikes over the years. One more memorable moment, she says, was one particular man who turned up in a harnessed straitjacket, which ended up with the dude in question being hanged as a punishment. Of course, his harness made it completely safe for a party which is all good, spooky fun and part of the scenery. There’s even champagne to be won.

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