Master the world of wine tasting

A lesson in wine? Could there be a more valid excuse for indulging in a drink after work, than one’s own education? Especially when it is at no cost to you.  

Yes, indeed. Not only is the wine tasting (and shared expertise) free, but so is the food. Aha – got your attention there, didn’t we? 

Wine tasting, with food pairings, for free. Does it get any getter than that? 

Head over to Premier Wines and Spirits in the West Shore Plaza any Thursday between 5 and 7pm and you can decide for yourself. Wine tastings are held weekly and are open to the public. The store’s staff will guide you through the tasting, enriching your knowledge of the wonderful world of wines. A different variety of wine (and sometimes other beverages) is chosen each week so that you can compare, contrast and learn.  

Once every month, Premier Wines and Spirits teams up with a local restaurant which provides a food selection. The Premier folks then choose wines to pair with the food, so that you can experience for yourself how the different wines taste when combined with different flavours.  

So, for the rest of November, you can look forward to: 


Thursday, 15 November: Food and Wine pairing 

Delicious appetisers will be provided by Camana Bay’s master of small bites, Karoo. These will be expertly paired with some award-winning wines.  


Thursday, 22 November: Sparkles for Thanksgiving 

With the festive season hot on the heels of Pirates Week it’s time to think about festive, bubbly drinks. The sparkling wine tasting will introduce you to some fabulous fizz that needn’t break the budget.  


Thursday, 29 November: Niche Beers 

It’s not all about wine – this week the focus is on beer – refreshing, flavoursome niche specialty beers that pair perfectly with food.  

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