Premier wants to lift China visa requirements

Taiwanese passport holders will be able to enter the Cayman Islands without the need to first obtain travel visas.  

Now, Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush wants to extend that possibility to Chinese nationals.  

“The next stage is to conduct a similar agreement with China, which is now in discussion also,” Mr. Bush said.  

Mr. Bush’s comments came during a Friday meeting of the Legislative Assembly. They were not contained in the text of the speech to the assembly that was later distributed to local media.  

The Cayman Islands Cabinet has already approved amendments to Immigration Regulations that allow Taiwanese passport holders to enter the territory without a visitor’s visa. 

The amendment is the first phase of an enhanced bilateral visa-waiver agreement between the Cayman Islands and Taiwan, according to Premier Bush. The terms of this negotiation were initiated by the Taiwanese Representative office in London, which currently has visa-waiver agreements with some 114 countries, including the United Kingdom and most of its Overseas Territories.  

Mr. Bush recently made an unofficial visit to Taiwan to discuss business opportunities between the two jurisdictions and said he hopes that this agreement will enhance economic, political and cultural links.  

“It is expected to augment tourism and business development possibilities, as Taiwanese business people conducting business regionally will now have ease of access to travel to the Cayman Islands,” Mr. Bush said. “The third benefit is for Caymanian and Taiwanese students, who will have an opportunity to participate in reciprocal exchange programmes and further enrich their cultural appreciation, which is more and more a requirement in our globalised environment.”  

Caymanians who hold British passports already enjoy visa-waiver treatment for visiting Taiwan through the agreement between Taiwan and the UK.  

“However, this agreement would afford persons who hold Caymanian passports easier access to this vibrant point of interest in the Far East, once the agreement is reciprocated by Taiwan, as is expected,” according to a statement from the 
Premier’s Office. 


  1. Cayman visa is handled by UK embassies and its agents abroad, if UK lift visa requirement for a certain country, it becomes moot and academics per se. Cayman has to waive visa also. It would be a red tape on UK side if cayman don’t follow them.

    The Premier’s Chinese black power suite, very appropriate while he travels so much to the Far East that has become very partial while giving them most favored travelers’ status to boot. NO, no no. Not so fast Mr. Premier. You are not the Governor and you don’t have that power to do this. You have traveled so much that Jet lag must have gotten to your thought process. You just got over ruled by the real power (FCO) for by passing the proper authorities protocols for our Port contract and you have not learned one thing from it. Your continued actions that are detrimental to the financial wellbeing of our country and its citizens have put YOU and you’re PARTY under a giant microscope and it is not good.

    I beseech you to do the honorable thing and resign for the good of the country or you will force the FCO to act. This needs to be addressed because your actions are of the charts.

  3. I hold a UK passport. I need a visa to visit China as a tourist. A single entry visa costs about 140 USD.

    This is not the situation witth Taiwan, which, as the article says, does not require a visa of UK and by extension Caymanian passport holders.

    Unless China is prepared to changes its Visa requirements, why should we?

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