Renegades lock down young Jets

The Renegades earned their first victory of the netball season.

Sponsored by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, the team defeated the Jets, 41-33, last Saturday in the Plate Division of the Cayman Islands Netball Association 2013 Open League.

Multi-sport star Molly-Ann Moore suited up for the Renegades at Goal Shooter and states the victory boiled down to teamwork.

“The girls played overall as a team much better than in the rest of the previous games,” Moore said. “With the other team, the Goal Attack Charlotte Shepheard shot very well. But, on the whole, we had a better attacking team than them.

“Centre Karen McQuade played a good game with excellent passes,” she added. “Kerry Bennett at Wing Attack improved a whole lot and lobbed the ball to me properly. Our Goal Keeper, Cherry-Ann, also impressed. My daughter, Lacee Barnes, came on at GS and did well but she got her finger dislocated, so she may not play again for awhile.”

The Renegades, who have had the support of police officers such as Roje Williams, were in control throughout at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex netball courts. The side, which went 0-6 during the first half of the season, enjoyed a 22-16 edge during the first half and never looked back.

Aside from Moore and the aforementioned players, the Renegades saw Denise Anderson at GA, Vanessa Talles at Wing Defence, Sue Nixon at Goal Defence and Marisa Tsennett at GK with Kathy Marshall and Jodi Totten as subs.

The Jets were 1-5 in the season’s opening stages and struggled on Saturday with no subs. Aside from Shepheard, the roster saw Mylene Menard at GS, Kat Atkinson at WA, Lesley Tuplin at Centre, Kate Colliers at Goal Defence and Kim Conolly at GK.

Saturday saw a pair of Division Three contests as the Storm Chaserz defeated Island Heritage, 28-12, while the Ernst and Young Hot Shots drew with Optimists at 18-all. Two periods decided the outcome for Storm as they earned an 8-1 edge in the second quarter before winning the fourth, 11-3.

The Chaserz fielded GS Shania Ebanks, GA Leandra Ramoon, WA Angelina Brown, C Amarrie Bodden, WD Annisa Sauw, GD Miyah Seymour and GK Haley D’Hue. Among those suiting up for Island Heritage were GS Tenesha Ebanks, GA Megan Anderson, C Vanessa Evans, WA sisters Nadia and Josefa Martinez, WD Patriann Monteith, GD Dominique Mowbray and GK Dainya Pinnock.

After going down 8-5 in the first half, Ernst and Young claimed a 13-10 edge in the second half. Suiting up for the Hot Shots were GS Gemma Butterfield, GA Kate Macpherson, WA Beth Cooke, C Georgia Loxton, WD Karen Scott, GD Laura Decaux and GK Louise Kitching.

Optimists countered with GS Christine Frances, GA Milaney Dunn-Garwood, WA Charmane Watson, C Sydonie Barrett, WD Vanessa Williams, GD Trudy Binns, GK Cari Anderson and subs Sashana Banger and Nekita Saintvil.

League action continues at Truman Bodden on Thursday, 21 February, with Renegades battling Island Heritage at 6.45pm, while Chaserz face Optimists. At 8pm, the Championship group features Rising Stars A taking on Unity.

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