Address important issues

Letter to the Editor

Please allow me space in your newspaper to write about a few issues of concern to me and quite possibly others. 

First, I would like to write about the employment situation. There are no employment or further education opportunities for the majority of Caymanian youths after graduation. We are sending our children to school. They finish high school, most of them, only to find themselves idle afterwards. Our government needs to do something about this situation NOW. Our present government seems only to be interested in foreign affairs and are showing little or no interest in Caymanians and about local affairs that concern the people and these, our beloved Cayman Islands. 

There is not one MLA that I can name that is looking about the Caymanian people first and our Islands. Just about everything they are doing is oppressing us instead of uplifting. It seems that they forgot that they are employed by US. The way things are now has been for quite some time. A lot of parents are unemployed too and the children are being neglected. They are hanging out on the streets, being put in jail, committing suicide and many of them have been murdered. Hopefully, there is at least one “wanna-be politician”, using the phrase of a particular individual (lol) that will get out on the frontline and do something about what our people are, at the moment, tolerating. We must not forsake our youths or the Caymanian people in general. 

Another concern of mine is the releasing of murderers back into our society. It is also my understanding that the Cayman Islands Human Rights Society is in support of this action. Our Government must never allow murderers to walk our streets again. The innocent victims cannot walk amongst us, so they must never be allowed to do so. We cannot have these individuals as a part of our society ever again. 

I would like to also comment on the issue of using cell phones while driving. It seems that our government only values our lives at the price of $150. To think if you can cause your own death and that of others for the value of a $150 fine is appalling. For this action, one should be charged a fine that he/she cannot pay. Our government cannot put a price on anyone’s life and to think that they choose CI$150 is unbelievable. 

Another concern of mine is that of vicious dogs that constantly attack cyclists and pedestrians. Are the irresponsible dog owners waiting for a fatality or for someone to get a very serious injury. Many of these dogs are right by the main roads and they could cause a very careful driver to kill someone. I am appealing for the “umpteenth” time for dog owners to secure their dogs properly so they are not a menace to pedestrians and cyclists so that we do not have any catastrophies. 

There are three other issues that I would like to mention in this letter and they are as follows: 1) The maintenance and upkeep of our government buildings; 2) the roads and 3) beach access. 

The Legislative Assembly Building, for instance; the steps are broken and leaves are in front of the building on many occasions; the roof on the building behind the West Bay Public Library and flying fagged out flags etc. These things need to be looked about. 

Our beach access, in my opinion, should require more space to allow for an emergency vehicle especially for an ambulance. The National Roads Authority need to make sure that our roads are even unto the adjoining property. On the sides of some roads, there are great depths. This is very dangerous. I am mentioning again that in ares where it floods, they must do something about it urgently. Children cannot get to school, adults cannot get to work and in some ares, vehicles cannot drive through. This is disgusting and should not be. How much does it cost to remedy the situation? 

Last but not least, I would like to say again that the Seven Mile Beach Road cannot be closed off to the public, if this is the issue. This is our road and it is for the public. We cannot sell a public road. I am totally against the so-called sale of this road. We must not allow this type of activity in our Islands. 


Dora A. Ebanks