Nature-inspired artists exhibit


Two quite different artists will be exhibiting their works at the Visual Arts Society’s Artist of the Season exhibition which opens this evening, Friday 19 April, at 6pm.  

Artist and graphic designer Laurél Schmid will be exhibiting acrylics on canvas, while Debbi Truchan will be showing off her unique eco arts and crafts. Both, however, take their inspiration from the natural world.  

As always, the exhibition runs through the weekend, with the opening held between 6 and 8pm on Friday, at Watler House, Pedro Castle, when complimentary nibbles and refreshments will be provided.  

Those who miss the opening night will also be able to catch the exhibition between noon and 4pm on Saturday and Sunday.  

Laurél Schmid, who is originally from Wisconsin, has been creating art in different forms since she was a child. As an adult she worked as a graphic artist for 20 years and recently has focused more on fine art, taking classes in faux finishing and mural painting.  

Laurél and her husband lived in Cayman in the 1990s, and then moved to Colorado. The call of the climate and the lifestyle here brought them back again, however, and the natural beauty of the island features prominently in her paintings. 

“The beautiful details in the foliage (tropical flowers, etc) or the endless colours and moods of the sea – every day it offers a different palette!” she says. 

Generally working in acrylics on canvas, Laurél’s style leans towards realistic but she likes to experiment with additional textures.  

“Each painting teaches me something new and opens my eyes to another idea resulting in a style that is always evolving,” she says.  

Debbi Truchan, a resident of Little Cayman, has been a creative force all of her life, dabbling in everything from painting and writing to cooking and puppetry. She taught pottery for ten years and spent 15 years doing recreation therapy at and extended care facility for the disabled.  

During her time in Cayman she has focused on what she calls eco-art, using natural materials, most often those that wash up on beaches.  

Although primarily a painter – she is one of the artists featured in the current Crystal Clear exhibition at the Ritz-Carlton Gallery as well – for the Artist of the Season show she has chosen to create and exhibit some of her crafts and jewellery.  

A true multimedia artist, Debbi uses brown coral, coconut fibre and coconut shell, Caymanite, pieces of conch shell and even slices of stalagmites to create sculptures, crafts and jewellery. 

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