Ganja found in airport suitcases

Two suitcases packed with ganja were found in a storage container at Owen Roberts International Airport in 
Grand Cayman.

According to Her Majesty’s Customs service, airport ramp personnel found the two suitcases in a 20-foot storage container on 17 July.

A customs K-9 unit was deployed and examined the cases, revealing a “large quantity of vegetable matter” that was later tested to confirm it was ganja.

The suitcases were set to be loaded onto an outgoing flight, the Caymanian Compass has learned.

No one has been arrested since the find and the customs service, along with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, is investigating.


  1. Questions regarding the Compass Newspaper article today (5AUG13) re drugs at the airport:-

    1. Who owned the container?

    2. Does the owner of the container have any legal right to be in the area where the drugs were located?

    3. Do the owners of the container have permits to be in the area where the drugs were located?

    4. Was it padlocked and if it was who had the keys?

    5. Were baggage tags attached and if they were, what airline agent printed the baggage tags?

    6. Did the owners of the container in which the drugs were found have any legal right to be in possession of baggage for there airline that it appears that the suitcases were to be loaded on?

    7. When can we expect a report on the findings of the police enquiry?

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