Planning board approves GT buildings

Property and Development

Grand Cayman’s planning board approved several significant projects in the past month, including commercial, residential and institutional buildings, mostly in the district of George Town.

Cayman Technology Centre

On Aug. 15, the Central Planning Authority approved the Cayman Technology Centre project, opposite the Department of Education building on Printer Way, near the Cayman National roundabout in George Town.

According to planning records, the $7.6 million proposal consists of a pair of two-story buildings that together have an area of about 38,000 square feet. One “three winged” building will have retail space – and possibly a restaurant – on the ground floor and office/business space on the second floor. The other building will have some tenant space on the ground floor, but the majority of the ground floor and the entire second floor will be retail and office areas for an existing local company. The development is a project by NCB Group Cayman. According to the company’s website, The Security Centre and a Class ‘A’ Bank are confirmed anchor tenants for the development.

According to planning records, “The developers are also working to incorporate the most up-to-date technological advances, such as solar power and geothermal heat exchange for the air conditioning systems throughout.”

The applicants listed difficulties previously encountered when trying to develop the 2.6-acre parcel, including adjacent road corridors and proximity to Owen Roberts International Airport.

“Due to [Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands] height limitations and land acquisition by NRA [National Roads Authority], previous attempts by developers to justify the cost of developing a site with such limited options have been abandoned in early stages,” according to planning records.

More projects

During the same meeting, the board approved a $3 million proposal by Cayman United Church Corp. for a two-story educational building at Cayman Prep High School on Walkers Road. The roughly 9,600-square-foot building will have a cafeteria, changing rooms and five classrooms. The building will replace the existing cafeteria.

Additionally, the board approved a $4 million proposal by Robert Young to build an eight-unit condominium development at the southeast corner of Peninsula Avenue and Drake Quay east of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway in the Seven Mile Beach area in the district of West Bay. According to planning records, the complex will have an area of about 28,400 square feet.

On Aug. 12, the board approved a $1.5 million proposal by Cayman Premix Ltd. for an industrial cement and premix plant with warehouse storage and space for retail, sales and administration offices. The 3.2-acre parcel is in a heavy industrial zone off Seymour Road in George Town. The proposed building has an area of about 7,800 square feet.

On June 26, the planning authority approved a $4.1 million proposal by Ken Hall and Bavan Antonysraj to construct 13 three-story townhouses with a clubhouse and swimming pool off Bel Air Drive in South Sound. The project is on 0.9 acres and will have an area of about 32,700 square feet. According to planning records, the proposal includes two apartment buildings with two- and three-bedroom units.

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