Witness claims he drove robbers

Marlon Dillon pleads guilty to Cayman National Bank robbery, aiding and abetting the Weststar robbery

Three men accused of robbing Weststar TV Centre heard Crown witness Marlon Dillon describe how he had given them rides before and after the robbery.

David Tomassa, Andre Burton and George Mignott are charged with the robbery, which occurred on the afternoon of May 24, 2012. Ryan Edwards is accused of providing the vehicle in which the men were taken to and from the Weststar office.

Dillon gave a detailed account to the court of driving the men from West Bay to George Town in his own Chevy Equinox before the robbery. On the way, Tomassa, Burton and Mignott each referred to a planning meeting the night before and told him he would be “one of them that’s going inside Weststar.”

Dillon said Tomassa told him to drive to a yard off Godfrey Nixon Way, where a fourth passenger got out and went to Edwards for the keys to an RVR. That man then got into the driver’s seat of the RVR.

Dillon said he drove his three remaining passengers to a parking lot off Schoolhouse Road, off Eastern Avenue. There, Tomassa told him there had been a change of plans and Dillon must wait for them to return.

He said the three men got out of his vehicle and into the RVR, with the fourth man driving. [Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Trevor Ward earlier told Justice Alastair Malcolm that this man has not yet been indicted.]

When the RVR returned, Dillon said he let the four men into his vehicle and drove off. Tomassa told him where to drop off the man who had driven the RVR. As he drove, Dillon said Tomassa, Burton and Mignott each told him what kind of gun he was carrying for the robbery and what happened when they went into the Weststar office.

Tomassa took a yellow plastic bag with money out of his knapsack, Dillon said, and gave half to Burton; they counted the bills, saying they had a total of $8,075. Tomassa said he would give $475 to a man he named for the loan of the gun Mignott carried. Tomassa then gave him eight $50 notes, Dillon said. After stopping to return the gun, Dillon said he drove the three men back to West Bay.

Anthony Akiwumi, the first defense attorney to cross-examine Dillon, suggested that Burton was not involved in the Weststar robbery at any stage.

Dillon replied that Burton was involved. He said while he was waiting for the men to return from the robbery, he was getting paranoid and frustrated, so he phoned Burton. He said Burton replied that they got through, were okay and on their way back.

The attorney asked if Dillon would agree he was dishonest. Dillon, who has pleaded guilty to taking part in the robbery at Cayman National Bank in June 2012, has also pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting the Weststar robbery. He said he had obtained integrity and decided to tell police everything he knew.

Asked if he was being given favorable treatment, Dillon replied that he was being kept in a five by eight concrete cell – “So, in which way is it favorable?”

Mr. Akiwumi asked if he thought he would be taken out of the jurisdiction if he assisted police. Dillon replied, “That’s the promise made to me and my wife.”

He named the police officers who, he said, had made the promise. He denied that it was either the commissioner or deputy commissioner.

Weststar Television Centre is located on Eclipse Drive, off Eastern Avenue.