Sharks hungry for feeding frenzy

The Sharks are set to continue their winning ways on the court. 

The Caribbean Creations Ball Hockey League resumes play on Thursday, Jan. 9, at Kings Sports Center. At 8:30 p.m. the league-leading Sharks tangle with the Pirates before the Barracudas and Deloitte Devil Rays are in action at 9:30 p.m. 

It is almost a matter of time before the Sharks claim the championship with a 9-1-1 record and 19 points atop the table. They have dominated the stats with 69 goals (best in the competition) and 24 goals allowed (fewest so far). Veteran leadership has been key for the frontrunners all season, starting on defense with goalie Shawn Lunt, Tim Courtis and Tim Woolaver leading the way.  

Offensively, the pace has been set by Brad De Schiffert with a league-best 18 goals and nine assists while Claude Plamondon has nabbed a league-high 14 assists and 12 goals. Jamie Nelson has added nine goals (tied for fourth) with Brendan Rainonen (six assists, third in the league) and Ian Bridges (five assists, tied for fourth) getting in on the act. 

The other teams all have losing records. The 4-1-6 Barracudas are second – boasting Evan Ellbogen and his 11 goals – while the Pirates (featuring Derek Bruce and his nine scores) and Devil Rays share identical 3-2-6 records. 


Joe Jewitt, with the ball, is among the players in the league.