Two Cubans sentenced for escape

Men were remanded at Central Police Station after recapture

Two Cuban nationals who left the Immigration Detention Center illegally last week were sentenced Wednesday to seven days for escaping lawful custody. 

Frankroy Rosa Alvarez, 19, and Leosdany Guillen Gonzalez, 24, appeared before Magistrate Adam Roberts and admitted leaving the detention center on June 4 without permission. 

Crown Counsel Greg Walcolm said authorities subsequently received information that the men were housed at a particular address in the Northward sub-division. Police and immigration officers went to the premises and gained entry from the occupants. Alvarez and Gonzalez were discovered inside. 

They were arrested and transported to Central Police Station, where they were cautioned and interviewed in Spanish. They admitted leaving the detention center and said they were picked up by a stranger and taken to the Northward location. They said they had intended to leave Cayman and continue on their journey. 

The men were brought to court Monday, but the matter was adjourned so that an interpreter could be present for them. 

On Wednesday the interpreter assisted the court in explaining to the defendants that they had the right to be tried in the Grand Court by a judge and jury if they so wished. The magistrate also raised the question of whether the charge was one that would attract legal aid if the men wished to have a lawyer. 

Through the interpreter, the men said, “We’re sorry for what happened and we’d like to return to our own country as soon as possible.” They chose to be tried in Summary Court and entered their pleas. 

After Mr. Walcolm presented the facts and confirmed that the men had been in custody since June 5, they asked to speak again. 

“We would like to return to our homeland. It was a sad mistake. We have repented. We did not know it would turn out in such a way. We would like to return to Cuba,” the interpreter translated. 

The magistrate handed down sentences of seven days, giving credit for time served. The men were returned to the Immigration Detention Center. Court files indicated they had spent their time in custody at the police station in George Town. 

There was no mention of how long the men have been in Cayman.