Illegal lander jailed for four months

A Jamaican man who entered the Cayman Islands illegally on a boat before surrendering to police has received a sentence of four months’ imprisonment and deportation.

Fideus Nichardo Bailey came onshore at East End in last December with two other men. He remained in East End until May when he surrendered to police, a court heard on Monday.

Magistrate Valdis Foldats said illegal landings were “a very serious problem for our islands and it’s a very serious charge.”

“We have to protect our border … you’re harming our entire immigration control,” he added.

Magistrate Foldats said while the starting point for the offense was nine months’ imprisonment, he would take into consideration the surrender and guilty plea, as well as Bailey’s cooperation with police.

“We have to send a message to people who are trying to come illegally that you will be dealt with harshly,” the magistrate said.