Tourists robbed at Paradise

Gunman holds up George Town waterfront restaurant


Another eatery in George Town’s waterfront district was held up by a gunman Monday who police said took money and property from tourists. 

Royal Cayman Islands Police said a man carrying a handgun robbed the Paradise Restaurant on South Church Street at around 10:50 p.m. Monday.  

During the heist, the suspect took a phone and a wallet from two tourists and a “very small amount of cash” from a waiter, according to Gary Bodden, owner of the restaurant.  

Mr. Bodden said the tourists had been on the island for a week and were leaving Tuesday. “They were very shaken up,” he said. 

Woman mugged  

Three hours after the restaurant robbery, police said a man grabbed a handbag from a George Town woman walking along West Bay Road near another popular tourist destination, the Seven Mile Shops,  

The bag-snatching occurred around 2 a.m. Police said the man did not use a weapon and the woman suffered minor injuries. 

Officers did not state whether they believed the two incidents were linked.  

Latest robbery  

The hold-up at Paradise Restaurant was just the latest in a string of recent robberies that have plagued high-profile tourist locations in George Town.  

Two of the three robberies that occurred at tourist hot spots in mid-October involved popular restaurants, one on the George Town waterfront, another along the southern end of Seven Mile Beach.  

Coconut Joe’s, located across the street from the Comfort Suites and Marriott Beach Resort, is one of the longest-serving eateries in the area. 

Eight customers and four staff members were held up by two gunmen during the Coconut Joe’s robbery at 11;38 p.m. on Oct. 16. Two men with shirts covering their heads and carrying “dark hand guns” entered through the rear of the business on West Bay Road. The men went through the kitchen and appeared out front demanding cash from the employee working the register. Police said the suspects then threatened customers with the weapons.  

On Oct. 12, a man walking along the street on West Bay Road was held up by a machete-wielding man near Andy’s rent-a-car. That robbery also happened just before midnight. The Andy’s location is within walking distance of the Seven Mile Shops, where Tuesday morning’s handbag robbery occurred. 

The next night, Oct, 13, Da Fish Shack restaurant on North Church Street was robbed by armed men. A customer was also robbed in that incident which occurred at 10:56 p.m. 


RCIPS Detective Chief Inspector Malcolm Kay said that police have decided to investigate the recent robberies in concert with one another, rather than individually, and that all information in the cases is being routed through a “major incident room.” 

“We have started to see the trend that not only was the premises being targeted, but also staff and patrons at outside bars at very popular locations,” said RCIPS Chief Inspector Malcolm Kay.  

The heist at Paradise Restaurant Monday night fit a similar profile as the Coconut Joe’s and Da Fish Shack cases.  

“It’s difficult at the moment to say whether it’s the same two individuals [involved in the incidents at Da Fish Shack and Coconut Joe’s] … certainly the modus operandi is similar,” Mr. Kay said. “We don’t feel necessarily that it’s the same two people committing all these robberies.” 


  1. This is not good, and we all will be affected mentally if not physically.
    We have some vigilante robbers on the loose; and just imagine taking a persons phone and robbing the waitress? What next now. Nothing surprises me anymore, because over the weekend, right in front of my gate, robbers stole the back wheels from my car. Can you imagine that. I was very upset for a moment and then I laughed and then became serious to the though that there are certain activities the police is definitely not looking into in the Bodden Town District. I do support the police in their work but the Bodden Town police need some fire lite under them to show more strength and vigilance. I am complaining about my district and will spare no punches, because this is where I live, this is where I see crimes being committed but does not see police active enough. What happen to the old days when there were a hand full of police under the supervision of Chief Watler, and chief Alden who got their uniforms dirty chasing criminals out of town.. This town had criminals on the run and the Top Cops up here let them knew they had till sundown to leave Town. I know the George Town and West Bay police got their hands full, but gosh, Commissioner, we need police in this Town to be active. I am really tired of hearing the tune of We are short staffed. Not good enough, and absolutely no excuse. If that is the problem, then I am going to question my MLA representatives, all four of them. What is being done done to ensure us that you are communicating with the Top Cops up here where we can feel safe and you have things under control. We need results and not excuses. Other people can complain about their district, I am concerned about mine right now..

  2. This is not good for the people of Grand Cayman. The size of your island and population the police should be able to do a lot more to stop this kind of crime. My family will be visiting your island next June I will be on the lookout to keep my family safe and sound. We stay in Bodden town and have always felt safe and enjoyed meeting and talking to the folks in that area. People of Grand Cayman stay safe and report crime and who is doing it.

  3. These restaurnts need security guards. It’s apparent the RCIPS are rather useless. I know all about being the victim of thievery. Patrons, tourists, have to leave the expensive jewelry at home, along with their credit cards, except one to pay with. Certainly, no wads of cash. Welcome to the world of the scum sucking, lower than plant life ignorant, useless bums that exist on this island.

  4. Pete thanks for supporting us trying to take a bite out of crime, and I am happy you will be coming back in June, and to Bodden Town.
    Yes we are a quaint little seaside district which welcome visitors and tourist. Most people are passionate and friendly. These petty crimes are being committed by persons not from our district, that is why I cannot understand why the police up here is not doing random stop and searches at nights. The police in Bodden Town know exactly where, when and WHAT’S HOT in this district. So we are looking forward to positive results.
    Have a safe Holiday when it comes Pete, and look forward to your next year visit.

  5. Lukishi, I think you mean armed guards. Several of the bars I use have had security for a long while but they don’t carry any sort of weapons. If this sort of thing goes down there’s nothing they can do.

    As for you other observations – they’re spot on. When I go out I wear a US19.95 watch and carry one credit card along with just enough cash to cover the evening.

    The way to solve this is simple – introduce concealed carry permits for suitably vetted and trained civilians. I bet if a few of these scumbags ended up tagged and bagged the problem would soon be resolved.

  6. Whaat? I thought I was just reassured by the police that there is no problem and robberies are less than last year. Although all of these armed robberies need to stop, let’s not try and minimize the issue with creative statistics. Like it or not for a tourist destination such as cayman, one armed robbery in the tourist zone has much more overall impact than a few small, petty crimes. Cayman needs to be proactive to stop this crime wave, yes it is a wave despite our reassuring authorities, rather than accept it as the new cayman. If that becomes the case people will be looking for a new paradise destination

  7. Message for the Coward Thiefs , one day you will run into someone with maybe a little liquor in them and No fear of your gun , wonder how you will feel when its taken of you and shoved in your face ? eventually you will run into a veteran who will read you like a book my son , take your gun and use it on you, anyone who thinks they are tough carrying weapons , are the same ones that cry like a baby when faced by a real man or woman . If you dont meet your maker soon ,have fun in the joint ,your sure to come out after your time as a nice lady .

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