Students awarded for excellence

Tameka Cox and Althea Miller are the recipients of the Pursuit of Excellence award for the 2014-15 school year. 

Lloyd Barker started the award platform after he received the Yentel McGaw Youth Community Excellence Award in 2012. Lloyd said this prompted him to want to “provide an incentive for students to continue striving for excellence.” 

“All in all, it is another opportunity to spread positive vibrations about our young people,” he said. “A positive and public recognition such as this one can surely encourage students to do better or to continue doing well.”  

Tameka, 15, graduated from St. Ignatius Catholic School in June. In each of her high school years, she received the Excellence in Effort award, which recognizes students with more than 85 percent of their grades as “excellent.” She has also been on the Effort Honour Roll with Distinction for the last four academic assessments.  

Tameka has also been a member of Key Club, choir and school council. She is a member of the karate club and is a second-degree black belt. 

“An award like this is important, as it highlights the positive achievements and attributes of young people and serves as an inspiration to others,” she said. “I plan to continue to work hard to achieve my goals.” 

Althea, 16, is a student at Cayman Academy. She has been second overall in her class for the past two years and has received numerous certificates of Outstanding Scholastic Achievement for maintaining a 90-100 grade percentage for the entire school year.  

Althea is an active member of the Savannah SDA Church, where she is on the Praise Team committee. Additionally, she directs the Gideon Pathfinder Choir and is a member of the Drum Corps.  

Some of her projects with the Pathfinders, where she is a captain, are painting houses, visiting the Pines, cleaning houses, community garbage cleanup and singing for the elderly.  

“Never stop reaching until you’ve reached your goal, and never stop striving for excellence,” she said. “I believe I was deserving of this award because it took a lot of hard work and sacrifice to get here with the help of God, my family and teachers.” 

The award was first presented last year to David Lee from Cayman International School and Alyssa Ebanks from John Gray High School.  

Students in grades 9 through 12 are eligible for nomination from their teachers or principals. The award is given to one public school and one private school student.  


Althea Miller with her Pursuit of Excellence award.


Lloyd Barker presents Tameka Cox with her Pursuit of Excellence award.