Police report two violent attacks over weekend

Two unrelated violent attacks occurred over the weekend, one in George Town and another in the vicinity of Seven Mile Beach, police reported.

Police were dispatched to the scene of an attempted robbery off Martin Drive in George Town on Friday at 10:09 p.m. Three men attempted to rob another man of his cellphone. The victim reported that he resisted the robbery and was then assaulted by the three attackers who punched him and kicked him in the face.

The victim was transported to Cayman Islands Hospital where he was treated for his injuries. Once treated, he was released from the hospital.

A number of violent incidents have occurred in the Martin Drive area in recent months. In July, Jason Powery was shot dead in the area. In September, the short street off Shedden Road was the scene of a stabbing that occurred after an argument over $10, and another incident in which bullets hit a car and a building.

In another incident over the weekend, a young man was stabbed with an icepick. On Saturday at 4:24 a.m., police were alerted by Cayman Islands Hospital staff that an 18-year-old man was receiving treatment for stab wounds.

The man was assaulted in the parking lot of the Nectar Bar on West Bay Road by another male with an icepick. The victim received stab wounds to his chest. He was treated for his injuries and released from the Cayman Islands Hospital.

Assailants in both cases are still at large and unknown to police.


  1. Here we go again!!! Thank God the victims in both these violent attacks were treated at the hospital and subsequently released. When is this type of crime going to stop is anyone’s guess. No one seems to be safe at any time of the day or night. In the case of the attempted cellphone robber, it is not stated whether the victim was actually using his phone or had it exposed. As a precaution, cellphone users should be careful to conceal their phones as much as possible while in public so that it won’t be an attraction for these thugs.

  2. So this is what it has come to. Now when i visit i have to "conceal my cell phone as much as possible while in public so that it won’t be an attraction for these thugs". What a shame for this beautiful island that this is the response instead getting these people off the street so it is safe for its citizens.

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