Beloved horse put down after assault, ‘torture’

Charm was euthanized on Aug. 18.
Charm was euthanized on Aug. 18.
Charm was euthanized on Aug. 18.

The Equestrian Center’s most docile horse, Charm, had to be euthanized after she and another horse were sexually assaulted on Aug. 10. Charm was a mainstay on the island for 19 years and helped thousands of children learn to ride, the center’s owner said.

Charm developed a major infection from the attack involving a large, unknown foreign object and died Aug. 18. The other horse that was attacked has recovered from her injuries.

Equestrian Center owner Mary Alberga said the center’s staff and clients are still having a hard time understanding the crime.

“The way that they tortured her is what gets to us the most,” Ms. Alberga said. “We don’t know exactly what they did, but it had to be very cruel.”

Messages of condolence and anger have been pouring into the Equestrian Center’s Facebook page, with many sharing pictures and memories of themselves and their children learning how to ride on Charm.

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Ms. Alberga said at least two people had to be involved in the overnight incident between Aug. 10 and 11 at the end of Linford Pierson Highway near Bobby Thompson Way. She suspects they snuck into the stable during the couple of hours when no one was on the property and assaulted the two horses. Charm was 25 years old when euthanized by a veterinarian. The other horse is 30 years old.

She said the people who did this preyed on “the two most gentle horses on the farm. I cannot comprehend what they did to this pony,” she said.

Police say they are investigating, but no arrests have been made. They ask that anyone with information contact the police service.

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  1. There are too many animal abusers here. All farms and facilities that house animals must install cameras and alarms. These animals need protection. I can’t even begin to imagine the ugliness of people who would commit this crime. The police must find the scum who tortured these horses