Friends of a bartender injured in a Christmas Day Jet Ski accident are organizing a fundraiser to help pay for his medical treatment and expenses.

Chris McAllister spent Christmas night in hospital after getting “T-boned” off Seven Mile Beach by a friend’s Jet Ski and breaking his leg in two places.

“It was pretty much the worst Christmas ever,” said Mr. McAllister, a bartender at the new Coccoloba beach bar at the Kimpton resort and at Lillie’s nightclub.

The crash left him out of pocket for repairs to the rental Jet Ski and his share of the medical bill. To add insult to injury, the accident, which he acknowledges was his fault, has left him off work for two months.

Now friends and fellow bartenders are pooling their resources to organize a fundraising night at Whiskey Mist.

Denis Rowe, manager of the bar, said the event, planned for Thursday, Jan. 19, would include a silent auction, a raffle and music from a DJ and band.

“He’s laid up right now and we just wanted to do a little something to help him out with all his expenses,” said Mr. Rowe.

Mr. McAllister, who previously worked at Ortanique, said he is grateful for their help.

“It is very humbling and emotional for me to accept all the support and to know there are friends in the bartending community that have my back.

“Everyone in the industry is surviving on tips and it is nice to see the community comes together to help each other out.”

The accident happened around 3:30 p.m. on Christmas Day. Mr. McAllister said he had turned too sharply and into the path of his friend’s Jet Ski.

“He basically t-boned my Jet Ski and my leg and I got stretchered to hospital where I spent the night. Thankfully, the Red Sail guys did a great job getting me out of the water and into the hands of the emergency services quickly.”

Prizes for next Thursday’s auction include dinners at Copper Falls and the Lobster Pot, personal training sessions and vouchers for various other businesses.

There will also be an auction for a dinner date with Chris.

Donations will be accepted on the door.

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