Bodden Town’s Coe Wood beach has undergone a small yet significant transformation of late.

Over the years, studies have identified Coe Wood Beach as an area of natural beauty to be protected for public use. With the removal of a set of kiosks that had fallen into disrepair, the beach’s is regaining its traditional role as a beauty spot and proving increasingly attractive to local residents and to those just passing through.

As the Compass reported previously, after the kiosks were built in 2012, tensions flared over their use, and unable to decide what to do with them, government ordered the doors padlocked. Despite this, the area around the sheds proved to be a draw for local gatherings until workers took down the sheds with their rusted zinc coverings over the 2016 Christmas holidays.

These days, at the break of day Coe Wood beach is becoming popular with early birds keen to take in the early morning serenity and beautiful sunrises. According to Cayman lore, catching the first rays of the day is good for the eyes. Caymanian folks also say the spectacular morning sun at this time of year is a precursor for what is to come Easter morning.

A small group of locals was enjoying the surroundings last Wednesday morning, when the sun made its daily debut in a particularly beautiful glowing orange dislplay.  Emerging over the horizon, the rising sun exploded into a giant yellow ball suspended in the sky in all her glory.

Prospect resident Marilyn Nasirun, 60 traveling to her farm in High Rock, East End on Thursday morning said witnessing the special sunrise signaled to her the start of spring.

“[In the] spring months [March, April and May] just like everything else in nature, the air smells sweet, it’s when the trees start flowering and frisky animals rush through the trees, and even people start to do amazing things,” she said.

If skies are clear again in coming days, this is a must-see for everyone and anyone traveling through Bodden Town between the hours of 6:49 and 7 a.m.

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