After three rounds of play, the darts league saw some tough competition between the top two teams coming down to the last game to decide the winner.

In the individual play, Chris Torrie’s high finish still stands with a score of 170, and Richard Campbell has the lowest darts game of 13 darts thrown to complete a game of 501.

Ashley Hardcastle has the highest finish for the female players with a 109 check-out score. Miriam Rodriguez had most maximum score of 180 among the ladies, and among the men, Hank Ebanks scored three consecutive 180s in a game of 701, which is a difficult feat, a press release states.

Male with the most scores of 100 or over was Fabio Carletti, who had a total of 92. Rosyl De Guzman had a total of 49 from the ladies’ side.

The Cayman Islands Darts Association is now focusing on national team qualifying rounds to prepare for the Caribbean Championships in Trinidad & Tobago in July 2018. The top eight male players and the top five female players will represent the Cayman Islands.

Team results

  • 1st place: Poison Darts, 105
  • 2nd place: El Tusokero, 104
  • 3rd place: PHKY Killers, 91
  • Fidels, 84
  • Hammered Heads, 67
  • Center Bulls, 66
  • Bulls Eye, 49

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