Rotary promotes awareness about disabled parking

Police community officer Jonathan Kern poses with students of the Lighthouse School who designed disabled parking signs. The signs were erected in Camana Bay in May. - Photo: Taneos Ramsay
Susie Bodden

Rotary Central Cayman Islands launched a national awareness campaign, “Not Your Spot,” on June 14 to educate the public of the proper and improper use of designated disabled parking spots, as well as their importance to disabled members of the local community.

“It is imperative that Cayman’s community comes together on the issue of illegal parking in disabled spots,” said Susie Bodden, president of Rotary Central Cayman Islands.

“Disabled parking spots and blue badges are an essential service for Cayman’s disabled population, allowing ease of access to workplaces, shops and other basic required services.”

The campaign will be communicated through the media, printed flyers and posters. Rotary Central will be partnering with DMS Broadcasting and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service to spread the message throughout the entire community.


  1. I hope the campaign also addresses the habit of many drivers of using a disabled badge relating to a family member when that person is not in the vehicle.

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