Five arrested during drug boat bust

Packages containing ganja recovered from water

Police arrested five men in relation to importing ganja after officers seized 350 pounds of the drug in the early hours of Monday morning.

The arrests were made after officers spotted a boat being placed on a trailer at Red Bay Dock shortly before 12:30am.

When the officers approached the boat and trailer, the boat reversed off the trailer and made off, discarding packages along the way.

Three men who remained at the dock were arrested on suspicion of being concerned with the importation of ganja. They included a 23‑year-old man from West Bay, a 30‑year-old man from West Bay and a 31‑year-old man from George Town.

The Air Operations Unit and the Joint Marine Unit intercepted the vessel that made off from the Red Bay Dock in the area of South Sound.

Two occupants, Jeffery Ian Seymour, 41, and Hector Adonis De Valle Cruz, 45, both from West Bay, were arrested and charged with being concerned in the importation of ganja. Both appeared in court on Wednesday and were granted bail.

The other three men were given police bail pending further investigations.

Police said a number of packages containing approximately 350 pounds of ganja were recovered.