Thankful for Cayman’s response to COVID-19

For the many efforts you, as our government and police department, have made in trying to keep the Cayman Islands as healthy as possible from the coronavirus, I want to say a big ‘Thank you’ to everyone involved. 

I realise that this has taken many, many hours of your time and effort for the safety of us all. Although we have had a few cases reported, we could expect that some would come to the Cayman Islands which have been very carefully taken care of. 

We know that this will bring a lot of hardships on many people and not everything will please everyone, but we know that if all people living here will respect the orders that are being made, it will be most helpful to all. 

As an 88-year-old citizen of the Cayman Islands, I much appreciate your efforts in looking out especially for us older folks, who have contributed much to the development of these islands. Not every country is showing that kind of love and respect and would rather leave the older citizens to get sick and die because they prefer to save the youth. 

Just think back on the noble old people of the past and all they contributed to society. If we watch the TV programmes and hear reports of the youth of today, their interests and lifestyles show very little in wanting to better the world. Every person from every country should be treated fairly which, thankfully, we can see you’re doing here in the Cayman Islands. 

The police department deserves a lot of credit for their hard work doing the risky job that they have because not every citizen wants to show the respect that the police are due. I do appreciate the extra care that they are providing to us at this particular time. For many years, I have known some of the same members of the police force and I want to give them special thanks for their faithfulness through many years of service. 

The Cayman Islands is a Christian nation and I want to give my respect to all believers and I pray for the continued Christian standards. May God keep us all in His tender care and keep us faithful to His truth. Thank you for everything that you are doing. 

Mary V. Thompson

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