$100,000 cash and plot of land among prizes in two new vaccination drives

A participant enters the raffle on the first day of the Vaccination Challenge, which was held from 8 May to 9 June. A new vaccination drive is about to be launched, with $100,000 as the grand prize. - Photo: Alvaro Serey

A cash prize of $100,000 and a plot of land are among the prizes up for grabs in Cayman in two upcoming vaccination drives.

The DMS Organization is working with the Cayman Islands government to offer the chance to win the $100,000 prize, not just to newly vaccinated people, but to those who got their vaccines earlier, Gary Hendricks-Dominguez, acting deputy director of international marketing and promotions at the Department of Tourism, announced at a press briefing today.

He said the company would also be liaising with the Health Services Authority to give spot prizes to people who show up to get their shots at vaccination centres, as well as “referral” prizes, so that people who bring others to get vaccinated will be eligible to win as well.

“If you want to help some of your friends, get them in the car, bring them down there, make sure that you bring your vaccination card, and work with the HSA administrative desk there to get an extra raffle ticket to drop your name in there,” Hendricks-Dominguez said.

Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan said other private-sector individuals and companies had also come forward to sponsor prizes, including one person who is offering a house lot on land in a developed area as an incentive to get vaccinated.

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In a statement issued following the press briefing Thursday, DMS explained there were two ways to win in the vaccine lottery – in a ‘Get vaXXed’ lottery and a ‘Refer a Friend’ raffle.

“Both newly and previously vaccinated persons by the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority are eligible for entry in the lottery. To earn a ‘Refer a Friend’ entry, the referrer must accompany the unvaccinated person to the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic. ‘Refer a Friend’ entries are unlimited, but only validated on the 2nd dose. The more you refer, the more chances to win,” the company said.

Anyone who has already been vaccinated at a HSA clinic or is getting newly vaccinated is automatically entered into the lottery.

DMS spokesperson Adrienne Politowicz said in the statement, “At DMS, we understand the importance of achieving the vaccination target mandated by the Cayman Islands Government to keep our community protected. We are thrilled to offer our #Immunity4RCommunity initiative to motivate our people to get vaXXed. After 16 months of border closure and the imminent threat posed by the Delta variant, we want to inspire and mobilize our entire community to get Caymanians back to work.”

The private sector is really stepping up,” Bryan said at the briefing, as he thanked DMS for being “the first driver” and inspiring other companies to get in contact with government to offer their support for the vaccination drive.

Meanwhile, Cayman Islands Tourism Association president Marc Langevin said CITA would soon be announcing the winners of a raffle with a $10,000 cash prize and $15,000 worth of other prizes, which were offered in collaboration with the R3 Cayman Foundation charity in an effort to encourage people to get their jabs.

During the last vaccination drive by government, from 8 May through 9 June, 14,375 people were vaccinated. Since then, the daily rate of vaccinations has slowed considerably.

As of Wednesday, 5 Aug., the percentage of fully vaccinated people in Cayman had reached 68%, with 48,064 people having received their second shot of the two-dose course.

To reach the government’s 80% target, approximately another 8,820 people in Cayman would need to be vaccinated.


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  1. How about a poll to see how many are absolutely disgusted with the fact that the Government has to run a raffle to get folks in to get the jab. People all over the world are literally dying because they can’t get it and here we are having to bribe the few people who are holding the rest of the country hostage to go do it. Honestly disgusting.

  2. Agree. And it is the same in the US. It is time for the minority to stop holding the country (both US and Cayman Islands) and the majority who received the jab hostage. They have made the decision, now accept the consequences. The are other countries in this global pandemic that are unable to obtain the vaccine and have vaccinated less than 10% of their population.