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14 further community COVID-19 positives reported

Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee reported an additional 14 community cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday.

19 children among 42 cases of community transmission

Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee reported on Monday that there are 42 new cases of community transmission of COVID-19, of which 19 are children.

13 community positives reported, as first dose vaccinations cross 79%

Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee has reported thirteen community positives on Friday, including five children.

Eight children among 13 new community positives

Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee reported on Wednesday that there are 13 new cases of community transmission of COVID-19, of which eight are children.

Five children among eight new local COVID-19 cases

Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee reported eight new community cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, of which five are children.

Opposition calls for withdrawal of ‘discriminatory’ vaccine law changes

Opposition lawmakers Monday morning called for government to withdraw proposed vaccination law changes just hours before Cayman's parliamentarians were set to debate a pair of bills that would require vaccinations for many of Cayman's residents and visitors.

Eight travellers test positive in latest COVID-19 results

Eight travellers have returned positive COVID-19 results, in tests conducted since Saturday.

Education minister: Why I waited so long to get vaccinated

Education Minister Juliana O'Connor-Connolly received her second COVID-19 vaccination last week, several months after her government colleagues rolled up their sleeves to get their jabs.

Virtually no vaccination progress among 18 to 30-year olds

While vaccination rates have slowly edged higher across most age groups in the past 30 days, there have been virtually no vaccinations of 18 to 30-year olds in six weeks.

Supermarkets introduce new vaccination policy for jobs

Starting today (9 Aug.), local supermarkets will require vaccinations as a pre-requisite for both new employees and work-permit renewals.

$100,000 cash and plot of land among prizes in two new vaccination drives

A COVID-19 vaccination could win a lucky person in Cayman a $100,000 cash prize or a plot of land as part of an upcoming inoculation drive.

Full vaccination numbers nudge up to 68%

The percentage of people in Cayman who have been fully vaccinated has now reached 68%, with 48,064 people having received their second shot of the two-dose course.

CITA boss suggests strict COVID-jab policy

If the Cayman Islands is to hit its 80% vaccination target for the border reopening, government will have to move to mandatory vaccinations and not just for work permit-holders, Cayman Islands Tourism Association President Marc Langevin has said.
COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine

Reports of temporary menstrual changes following COVID vaccination

The UK's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has said it is "closely monitoring" reports of menstrual changes, including unexpected vaginal bleeding, following COVID-19 vaccinations.

Fewer than 200 get first jab since vaccine supplies replenished

Governor Martyn Roper has joined the growing chorus of concerned voices as numbers continue to drop in Cayman's national vaccination programme.

Gov’t: Vaccine supplies will be used up before expiration

The Cayman Islands government confirmed today that all its free vaccine supplies from the United Kingdom will be used before their expiry date at the end of this month, and a new batch of vaccines is set to arrive on 16 June.

Ebanks Garcia: Cayman-administered vaccines ‘easier to verify’

Former Travel Cayman Director Tasha Ebanks Garcia has defended newly amended COVID-19 protocols easing the travel process for individuals vaccinated at the Health Services Authority, saying it is easier to verify those passengers’ jabs.

UK office launches vaccination survey for returning students, residents

Cayman's UK office has launched an online survey to determine the vaccination needs of residents and students residing in the UK who plan to return home for summer.

Christians need to get vaccinated

Pastor M. Alson Ebanks writes: "And I now encourage my Christian brothers and sisters to celebrate the fact that science is of God, as is medicine, as is vaccination, and in faith trust him to preserve your life when you act unselfishly to be vaccinated."

Crosstalk catch-up: Dr. John Lee on ‘reinvigorated’ vaccination drive

Cayman's Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee appeared on today's Crosstalk to discuss Cayman's vaccination drive and what it means for plans to re-open the Islands' borders.

More than 1,100 get jabs on Saturday vaccination drive

The government's ramped-up COVID-19 vaccination drive, which included offering prizes to people to show up to get their shots, attracted 1,138 people on Saturday.

Cayman to roll-out COVID-19 vaccinations in January

Cayman will be rolling out a mass inoculation campaign starting early January once COVID-19 vaccines arrive on local shores, Premier Alden McLaughlin said.

Vaccination clinic at hospital this weekend

The Public Health Department will host a vaccination clinic for children at the Cayman Islands Hospital on Saturday.

Special immunization clinic for Vaccination Week

The Public Health Department is hosting a special immunization clinic on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. for children who need vaccinations, including those with missed/outstanding doses.

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