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Cayman Islands Border Re-opening News

Opposition continues calls for cooperation despite chilly response

Opposition legislators have renewed their offer of assistance to Premier Wayne Panton and his administration as Cayman navigates the reemergence of COVID-19.

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Cayman’s tourism leaders condemn delay in reopening

Tourism business leaders have condemned government’s decision to delay the reopening of the border, claiming it is not based on scientific evidence and threatens the livelihoods of thousands of Caymanians.

Border reopening on hold as local COVID cases rise

Cayman is putting its border reopening plan on hold, as health officials announce that a total of eight people have contracted COVID-19 through community transmission.

Opposition makes U-turn on reopening, hits out at PACT plan

Opposition Leader Roy McTaggart has reversed his opinion on reopening Cayman’s borders, claiming conditions had changed.

Premier addresses Speaker’s border-reopening disapproval

Premier Wayne Panton said Speaker of the Parliament McKeeva Bush’s public disapproval of the PACT government’s plan to reopen Cayman’s borders is a personal view.

Panton: 80% no longer hard target

Premier Wayne Panton has announced that his government will go ahead with phase 3 of the border-reopening plan on 9 Sept., but said that phase 4, when quarantine for securely verified vaccinated people is set to be scrapped, will be re-evaluated nearer the 14 Oct. date.

Bryan: Tourism revenue loss not sustainable long-term

In a radio interview on Friday, 3 Sept., Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan addressed fears that a border reopening may represent too big a public health risk.

Bryan: 5 airlines confirm readiness to return to Cayman

American, United, Southwest and Delta airlines, as well as British Airways which already operates repatriation flights, have applied to fly commercial routes to and from the Cayman Islands from October, according to Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan.

Bryan says stipend ‘scare tactic’ was poor choice of words

Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan said using the phrase "scare tactic" in a Radio Cayman interview to describe the government's announcement and subsequent reversal of a decision to halve the monthly $1,500 stipend for displaced tourism workers was a "poor choice of words".

Tourism minister: Stipend reduction plan was ‘scare tactic’

Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan has admitted that an earlier announcement about plans to halve the monthly $1,500 tourism stipend in November and December had been a "scare tactic" to try to get displaced tourism workers to start looking for jobs.

Gov’t moves 80% vaccination rate target date to 14 Oct.

The Cayman Islands government has revised the date for when it hopes the islands will reach the 80% vaccination rate, from 9 Sept. to 14 Oct.

Blue wristbands for securely vaccinated arrivals

Incoming travellers heading into five days of quarantine upon arrival in Cayman are no longer being issued with white GPS monitoring wristbands, but now they are being fitted with blue bracelets to make them identifiable as quarantining individuals.

Phase 2 of Cayman’s reopening under way

Phase 2 of the Cayman Islands' border-reopening plan went into action Monday, 9 Aug., with certain vaccinated arrivals allowed to quarantine without GPS monitoring, and weekly PCR tests for unvaccinated frontline workers.

Full vaccination numbers nudge up to 68%

The percentage of people in Cayman who have been fully vaccinated has now reached 68%, with 48,064 people having received their second shot of the two-dose course.

Tourism minister: BA to resume ‘regular schedule’ from September

Minister of Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan said, from 9 Sept., when Cayman has a soft reopening of its borders for commercial flights, British Airways plans to resume its "regular flight schedule" between London and Grand Cayman.

Cayman expands list of countries with verifiable vaccinations

People who have been vaccinated in Europe and at Walmart or CVS outlets in the United States are among those who now can avail of the Cayman Islands' five-day quarantine option, as the islands expand the list of countries from which to accept securely verifiable vaccination records.

Slowing vaccination pace jeopardises Cayman’s reopening timeline

The pace of vaccinations in the Cayman Islands has slowed down considerably, since a new batch of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine arrived on island on 16 June.

Tourism association responds to Cayman reopening plan

The Cayman Islands Tourism Association, while welcoming the government's announcement of a border reopening plan, has raised concerns with a number of elements involved, including the timeline and a lack of consultation with the private sector.

No date set for mandatory vaccinations for work permits

Premier Wayne Panton has confirmed that mandatory vaccinations would be introduced for expatriates renewing their new work permits and for those getting new ones, although no date has been fixed for when this will begin. 

Lack of US-wide vaccination certificates a barrier for travel

Premier Wayne Panton says the US federal government's unwillingness to create a country-wide verifiable COVID vaccination system is continuing to be a barrier to allowing people vaccinated there to avail of Cayman's five-day quarantine period.
The premier said Cayman can reopen its borders once 70-80% of the entire population had been vaccinated.

Analysis: Almost everyone eligible must be vaccinated to reach 80% reopening target

Cayman’s vaccination target appears to be very high, considering that children under the age of 12 cannot be inoculated.

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