Milestone reached with release of blue iguana

The National Trust of the Cayman Islands announced Friday that it has released its 1,000th blue iguana into the wild.

670,000th tire shredded at landfill

The last in a pile of 670,000 tires that once towered over the George Town landfill was tossed into the shredder Wednesday by Environment Minister Dwayne Seymour.

Blue iguanas released into Botanic Park

Twelve blue iguanas were released back into the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park on Thursday, doubling the park’s resident population and signaling the end of a long journey.

Council aims to protect wild places

The National Conservation Council is seeking proposals from the public for land to conserve for environmental purposes.

Blue iguanas near milestone number in wild

Cayman’s blue iguana population is healthy and poised to reach a round number milestone in its renaissance from the threat of near-extinction. The Blue Iguana Recovery Program will release its 1,000th specimen into the wild at some point this summer, accomplishing a rare victory in the field of species conservation.

Conservation council questions music festival site approval

The National Conservation Council is questioning why its advice was not considered before the Dart group was granted planning permission for an event site that will host a major music festival next year.

Clearing sargassum comes with environmental risks

As thick mats of yellow seaweed continue to invade Cayman’s beaches, canals and harbors, environment officials are warning the cure could be worse than the problem.

It’s back: Sargassum befouls local beaches

Unsightly mats of sargassum weed have washed up in Grand Cayman, bringing with them a foul odor and potential problems for the tourism industry.

Rare coral threatened by disease

Scientists are attempting to save a rare species of “pillar coral” blighted by disease.

Students team up in fight against plastic

A group of students from local schools converged on the Government Administration Building Friday afternoon to urge an end to single-use plastics in the Cayman Islands.
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