OTEC compliments Cayman on renewable future

OTEC International LLC, through its subsidiary Cayman OTI, has lauded the Cayman Islands for the country’s efforts to move toward a more sustainable future.

Department of Environmental Health audit: Report highlights overtime abuse

Substantial mismanagement and widespread abuse of the system are blamed for an 800 percent overspend on overtime at the Department of Environmental Health in an internal government audit.

Bottles top list of plastic waste

A new report by Plastic Free Cayman analyzes more than 6.5 tons of plastic trash the organization’s volunteers collected during 12 cleanup events over the past year.

Peacocks appear on Cayman road

Some colorful critters are peeking out from the side of Cayman roads.

Exotic and native trees on display at Botanic Park

Go for the blue iguanas. Stay for the exotic trees.

EDITORIAL – Putting Cayman’s energy into the ‘green movement’

The government’s goal of generating 70 percent of our islands’ electricity from renewable sources within the next two decades involves two important “ecos”: the ecology and the economy.

Roydell Carter retires from civil service

After nine months on required leave for unspecified reasons, Roydell Carter, director of the Department of Environmental Health, has chosen to “retire” from the civil service, according to a statement from government Tuesday.

CCMI offers academic scholarships for teenagers interested in ocean science

The Central Caribbean Marine Institute is investing in the future.

Yellow mastic tree thrives in Grand Cayman’s inland forest

The Mastic Trail, named for the native yellow mastic tree, provides a glimpse to a part of Cayman that has existed in its present form for millions of years. And in the middle of the trail, there’s a majestic specimen of yellow mastic that has likely been standing since the days of Christopher Columbus.

Poisons regulation to close cat cull loophole

New regulations allowing officials to sanction the poisoning of animals in certain circumstances could pave the way for the resumption of a planned cull of feral cats said to pose a threat to rare seabirds on the Sister Islands.
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