Oil spill shuts down airport area roundabout

An oil spill temporarily shut down the roundabout at Shedden Road and Dorcy Drive, beside the Owen Roberts International Airport runway, Thursday afternoon.

Premier: Government trying to preserve George Town park

The Cayman Islands government is in a bidding battle to preserve a small park area in the central George Town neighborhood of Scranton.

Sargassum seaweed returns to Cayman

Beachgoers reported an influx of sargassum seaweed this weekend at a number of beaches and coastal areas on the south side of Grand Cayman and in parts of West Bay.

CCMI introduces new Ocean Awards

The Central Caribbean Marine Institute is introducing a series of awards as part of its 20th anniversary.

Compass investigation: Cayman’s water – Where it comes from, where it goes …

Cayman’s most precious resource comes from 150 feet below ground and snakes through a modern array of devices to arrive at your home at the flip of a faucet handle.

Chamber prepares for Earth Day cleanup

Last year, more than 2,000 people donned gloves and picked up trash bags to take part in the Chamber of Commerce’s annual Earth Day Cleanup. This year, the Chamber is hoping to beat that record.

Beach lighting concern for sea turtle health

The instinct of sea turtle hatchlings to wander toward the brightest horizon has ensured the survival of the species for millions of years.

Recycling, one tire at a time

A company run by Junior Achievement students has found a way to cut down on the number of used tires that end up in the George Town landfill by recycling them into colorful pet beds and eye-catching plant holders.

Police bust men with 173 conch

Two men found with 173 conch and an undersized lobster in East End’s Colliers Beach were ticketed last week by Royal Cayman Islands Police.

Billboards, sirens proposed for emergency alerts

A combination of electronic billboards, text messages and radio and television intercepts has been proposed to help alert the public in emergency scenarios.
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