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Manderson: Online portal eases load for ‘overwhelmed’ Travel Cayman

The transfer of services from TravelTime to Travel Cayman - entities tasked with handling travel to and from Cayman - did not go smoothly, and the new operator became overwhelmed with applications, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson acknowledged Monday.

Expungement Board clears 30 criminal records

A total of 30 individuals now have crime-free records, according the latest report from the Cayman Islands Expungement Board.

Cayman opens emergency operations centre amid virus fears

Cayman has activated its National Emergency Operations Centre in response to the coronavirus threat, the government announced Tuesday evening.

Public Accounts Committee looks at court administration

The Public Accounts Committee heard on Monday from Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, as head of the civil service, about ways to improve the administration of the courts.

McLean calls for review of port project job fair

Opposition Leader Arden McLean wants a review of government departments participating in the Verdant Isle job fair for the proposed cruise berthing and cargo project.
Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, centre, and civil servants take part in the Stood Up anti-bullying campaign. - Photo: GIS

Civil Service to launch anti-bullying strategy

The Civil Service will roll out an anti-bullying strategy at the end of this month, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson said. “Civil servants have raised concerns...

EDITORIAL – Hiring authority: It must not be delegated or usurped

What Deputy Governor Franz Manderson knows, and former Deputy Governor Donovan Ebanks ought to know, is that department heads – not appointed commissions – MUST be empowered to make hiring decisions.

EDITORIAL – CarePay scandal: Its epitaph is not yet written

CarePay is dead. But its residue lingers all over the Cayman Islands. The lead story in Wednesday’s Compass was a partial exhumation of the CarePay issue. During a meeting of the Public Accounts Committee, Superintendent of Health Insurance Mervyn Conolly told lawmakers that Cayman still needs a real-time electronic verification system for healthcare claims, following the government’s previous unsuccessful effort.

EDITORIAL – The necessary wall between MLAs and civil servants

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson etched a definitive and necessary line in the floor of the House, demarcating where the remit of lawmakers ends — and where the apolitical civil service begins.

EDITORIAL – Manderson on a worthy mission

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, it appears, has thrown down the other gauntlet.

Civil service reform: ‘Seeing is believing’

Selected comments from CaymanCompass.com readers

5K Challenge to help pay for ambulance

Money raised in this year’s Deputy Governor’s 5K Challenge will go toward the Cayman Heart Fund’s efforts to buy a new ambulance.

Chief officer Bush takes London post

Senior Cayman Islands civil servant Eric Bush has been appointed to lead the government’s London office, a post he once had oversight responsibility for during the tumultuous tenure of former office chief Lord Blencathra.

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