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Environment assessment terms for ReGen agreed; financing deal still pending

The government’s Environmental Assessment Board has concluded setting the terms of reference for an environmental impact assessment of the ReGen project, which will replace the George Town landfill.

Dart: Air quality data at waste facility will be public

During the construction and operation of a proposed 10-storey waste-to-energy plant which is being considered as a replacement for the George Town landfill, air quality will be continuously monitored and the findings will be made public, according to Dart representatives.

George Town landfill: ReGen EIA draft terms released

The public can now access a draft consultation document that lays out the proposed terms of reference for an environmental impact assessment of the ReGen waste management system at the current site of the George Town landfill.

Landfill EIA planned for early 2020

An environmental impact assessment into the proposed facilities and programmes for the George Town landfill is expected to begin early this year.

Bush takes aim at anti-port groups

House Speaker McKeeva Bush has warned against misinformation and “emotive rhetoric” in the run-up to the 19 Dec. referendum on Cayman’s cruise berthing and cargo project.
Nadia Hardie, executive director, National Trust

Nat’l Trust files for judicial review over port vote

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands has filed for judicial review of government’s decision to proceed with a referendum on the $200 million port project before an updated environmental impact assessment is completed.

Environmental study planned for port design

The final proposed design for the new cruise port reduces the ‘dredge footprint’ of the project by around 20%, according to the Ministry of Tourism.

Environmental assessments are science, not politics

The members of the National Conservation Council hope the publisher will allow the NCC space to congratulate him on a declaration made in Wednesday, 9 January’s Cayman Compass editorial, namely that concerns about the environment are “in need of thoughtful advocacy.”

Cruise port environmental impact study must be updated

A second phase of the Environmental Impact Assessment on the cruise berthing project will likely be required before Cabinet can grant final approval for construction to begin on the project.

Premier: ‘Ridiculous’ parts of Conservation Law will be removed

Battle lines are being redrawn in the conflict between development and the environment as the government prepares to walk back some of the provisions of Cayman’s National Conservation Law.

DOE: No environmental studies for 2 new hotels

Two new hotel projects planned for Grand Cayman will not be required to go through Environmental Impact Assessments before being granted planning approval. Director of the Department of Environment Gina Ebanks-Petrie said Wednesday that the department would offer its opinion to the Central Planning Authority on the projects but would not require either developer to go through the extra step of an independent study.

EIA recommended for Dart beach rock removal

An environmental impact assessment should be carried out before Dart Real Estate is allowed to move beach rock from the shallow coastal waters off Seven Mile Beach, the Department of Environment has advised.

Ironwood: EIA could kill road deal

Golf resort developer Ironwood has claimed that the requirement to carry out an environmental impact assessment on a new 10-mile stretch of highway could kill the road project.

Ten-mile highway extension faces environmental roadblock

A 10-mile highway extension providing swift access from George Town to a planned golf resort in the eastern districts will require an environmental impact assessment before it gets the green light, the National Conservation Council ruled Wednesday.

Full National Conservation Law now in force

The final sections of the National Conservation Law, including a legal requirement for threats to the environment to be considered in planning decisions, came into force Monday.

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