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Thieves steal church documents in burglary

Thieves made off with valuable church documents after breaking into the Family Life Centre in George Town.

The criminals stole a safe that contained the original land registry documents of the Church of God on Walkers Road, as well as cash and a number of stamps and seals issued by the church, including the pastor’s seal.

It's time to defeat the beasts of Xenowerk

You get great bang for your buck with the 'Xenowerk' app - a First Person Shooter game that will keep you on your toes as you eliminate bad beasties.

Luxury jewelry trends

Rene Langevin, chief buyer of Kirk Freeport Plaza, discusses new jewelry trends.

The Azores: An extraordinary Atlantic archipelago

In May 2012, my two friends and I took a transatlantic cruise from Miami, Florida to Southampton, U.K. Our first stop after about seven days at sea was São Miguel, Azores – the main island of nine in a Portuguese archipelago. 


Staff member caught up in shooting

One of the victims in Saturday’s triple shooting was a staff member who arrived to help close down the bar at an outdoor party in George Town.

Queen's Birthday honors: Derek Haines, Dan Scott awarded

Marathon man Derek Haines and financial services industry leader Dan Scott were recognized for their contributions to the Cayman Islands in the Queen’s Birthday honors list.

'Casa 43' offers authentic taste of Mexico

Mexican classics, from delicious tacos and enchiladas, to mouthwatering quesadillas and freshly made tortilla chips are on the menu at newly opened restaurant "Casa 43."

Cayman celebrates Queen's birthday on Saturday

The official birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will be celebrated on Saturday, June 13 with a parade in front of the Legislative Assembly followed by a garden reception at Government House.

Fire chief on 'required leave'

Cayman's fire chief has been suspended pending an investigation into a hit-and-run accident.

Nursing has come a long way in Cayman

Nurses from the past would scarcely recognize the highly-educated professional Registered Nurses of today.

Man found wearing bulletproof vest at airport fined $1,000

Bulletproof vests are illegal without a permit, a man found out when he wore one at the airport.

'Acting' chiefs and unfilled jobs mount in civil service

The Cayman Islands civil service is having quite a time trying to fill various government jobs at both the top and within the rank and file.

Acting fire chief arrested in hit-and-run

Cayman's acting fire chief is arrested in connection with a January hit-and-run accident that left a 14-year-old hospitalized for months.

Bureaucrats' meddling with public safety puts Cayman at risk

As the old saying goes, “There’s never a cop around when you need one.” Here in the Cayman Islands, now we know why: Because the government won't allow Police Commissioner David Baines to hire the officers he needs.

CIMA chief Scotland must recuse herself from FIFA matters

Cindy Scotland, the managing director of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, must recuse herself from all matters that come before our country’s financial regulator involving the unfolding FIFA scandal.

Windsor Park graduates emergency response team

Windsor Park residents have formed a Community Emergency Response Team after 14 weeks of training.

Marketers award their best

CIMPA helds its first awards dinner, with the Laura Skec earning the Marketer of the Year award and BB&P and Massive Media both winning two awards as well.

McLean: Government neglecting East End

While the government brags about a surplus budget, it is failing meet the needs of the people of East End, the district’s elected representative Arden McLean said.

Hurricane exercise tests preparedness

A full-scale national hurricane emergency exercise took place at the George Town Fire Station Thursday in which responders prepared for a virtual category 5 hurricane.

Trial on Webster murder continues

Justice Charles Quin rejected a submission that there was no case for Jose Sanchez to answer in regard to the Sept. 7 2014 murder of Solomon Webster and ruled that the trial should continue on Thursday morning.

Firearm from murder scene not operable, expert says

The firearm recovered from the yard where Solomon Webster was fatally shot was in inoperable condition when an expert examined it, Justice Charles Quin heard last week.

Construction on unfinished school could resume in December

Officials are still doing administrative “groundwork” to restart the unfinished John Gray High School building project.

Emergency operations center looks to open this summer

A new dedicated emergency operations center to oversee Cayman’s response to hurricanes will open in late summer, capping a two-year delay for the facility.

Preschools closed in new push for standards

Two Cayman Islands pre-schools have been shut down as a result of new measures aimed at raising standards in early childhood care and education center.

Scrapyard blaze closes road

Plumes of thick black smoke peeled across the Esterley Tibbetts Highway Sunday morning as firefighters battled a blaze in a scrap yard close to the dump.

Cayman on fire: Sound the alarm! … Bury the report

The scathing review of the Cayman Islands Fire Serivce should have been treated by officials as an "18-alarm" conflagration. Instead, they tried to dump it in the nearest wastebasket, hoping it might spontaneously combust. ... It didn't.

Report proposes new BT fire station

U.K.-based fire service experts advocate for a new fire station in Bodden Town district.

Scathing Fire Service report says department is top heavy with senior officers

Massive deficiencies in the Cayman Islands Fire Service, discovered more than a year ago, are finally revealed to the public.

Colorful, musical day for Junior Batabano

The festive Junior Batabano parade was among the highlights of the annual event on Saturday.

Firearms, drugs seizures from travelers increase

Cayman's customs service picks up its enforcement on illegal drugs and guns.

Inquest mirrors previous 'open' verdict in hanging death

A seven-member jury on Monday afternoon delivered an open verdict in the 2012 death of Lija Godenzi, leaving unanswered questions about the apparent hanging and subsequent investigation.

Let them bake cake!

Cooking is an essential life skill that should be encouraged in both boys and girls. It fosters a love of food and confidence in the kitchen and is a great way for kids to connect during family time.

Outage affected 95 percent of CUC customers

Tuesday's CUC outage cut power to 26,500 of the company's 28,000 customers on Grand Cayman.

Wanderers grab league hat-trick

Reigning Heineken Sunday League Champions, OtisAir Wanderers, are champions for the third time in a row.

Cup's goal is a perfect warm up

With a CONCACAF Under-15 football tournament being held here in August, there is a perfect warm up tournament being staged in Cayman next month.

Power failure interrupts schools, businesses

Widespread power outages in Grand Cayman resulted in most public schools closing early Tuesday.

Immerse yourself in murder mystery The Trace

Years of reading crime novels, or watching murder mystery films and TV series should well prepare you for this challenging and interesting app.

Boss touts Benteke as Villa savior

Boss Tim Sherwood backed Christian Benteke to fire Aston Villa to safety after the striker’s crucial hat-trick saved a point against QPR.

Students gain Duke of Edinburgh awards

Students from schools throughout the Cayman Islands have earned their Duke of Edinburgh bronze awards.

Power outage disrupts businesses, traffic, courts

A nearly two-hour power outage Tuesday morning disrupted George Town residents and businesses.

False engine fire indication prompted emergency landing

An emergency landing involving Cayman Airways’ Twin Otter flight from Little Cayman was caused by a “false engine fire indication,” the airline said in a statement.

Another emergency landing at Owen Roberts

A Twin Otter plane from Little Cayman was forced to land on one engine on Saturday, prompting a full emergency alert at Owen Roberts International Airport.

Burning crucifix 'artwork' stirs Brac protests

A controversial 15-foot-tall sculpture featuring a bloody crucifix with the carving of a goat’s head and the numbers 666 has gone up in smoke, set alight by the artist who created it.

Three-vehicle smash backs up traffic for hours

A three-car crash sends three people to hospital and backs up rush hour traffic in the eastern districts for hours.

Hundreds honor Bob Soto's 'well-lived' life

Cayman's legendary dive pioneer, Bob Soto, was laid to rest at the weekend.

Acting fire chief 'medical boarded'

Cayman's acting fire chief has been officially retired.

Pearson hits hat-trick

The Heineken Sunday League’s week 17 saw Boca Juniors in the first match at the TE McField Annex grab a dramatic late winner against Maples Revolution.

The dump is on fire: A poisonous portent from Jamaica

The Riverton City blaze is a graphic illustration of what inevitably happens to poorly managed dumps, including Grand Cayman's.

Court: Fire chief not yet retired

Cayman's former fire chief claims he was forced to retire, but the civil service and a local judge say that's not the case.

Ronaldo boycotts media as Bale's future looks in Real doubt

Real Madrid may be the reigning Champions League holders but they are not playing like European kings at the moment.

CUC halfway through installing smart meters

The Caribbean Utilities Company is in the process of installing 27,560 new “smart meters” throughout Grand Cayman.

Truck smashes into wall in Bodden Town

A man was hospitalized after his truck smashed into a wall in Bodden Town.

University board chair resigns

Sheree Ebanks has resigned as chairwoman of the University College of the Cayman Islands board of governors.

Russian plane delivers new engine for crippled DHL jet

A new engine arrived Monday morning for the DHL plane that had to make an emergency landing last month.

Students hear that crime doesn't pay

Clifton Hunter High School opened its doors to the Youth Anti-Crime Trust on Friday for a series of lectures on the causes, consequences and penalties of a life of crime.

Fire crews find hot spots at landfill

Crews removed a large slab of concrete from the George Town Landfill that may have been a contributing factor to fires flaring up recently at the site.

Cargo plane forced to make emergency landing

A cargo plane experienced engine problems as it came in to land in Grand Cayman Tuesday afternoon, prompting a full emergency alert at the Owen Roberts International Airport.

Premier names new political aide

The premier wastes no time in hiring a new political assistant. Several high-profile jobs in the rest of the Home Affairs ministry, however, are still looking for full time staffers.

Firefighters monitor landfill

A fire at the landfill was fully extinguished by late afternoon Sunday.

Police officers charged over taser use

Two police officers alleged to have tasered a suspect following a high-speed car chase across Grand Cayman are facing criminal charges.

Landfill catches fire again

A 'sizeable surface fire' broke out at the George Town Landfill on Sunday.

Man burned in boat fire

A man who was making boat repairs in George Town harbor over the weekend was severely burned and was airlifted off island for treatment.

Premier’s aide fired

A close ally of Cayman's premier is given his walking papers.

Brac Agriculture Show this weekend

The Brac Agriculture Show this weekend will have something for everyone, organizers say.

Ex-NRA boss alleges negligence, breach of contract

The former head of the National Roads Authority sues claiming government's unreasonable acts cost him his job and his health.

Catch-and-release: North Side dumper selects 'Option 3'

"Catch me if you can." . . . There it was - boldly emblazoned in purple crayon - a brazen sign of disrespect for Cayman Islands authorities.

Welcoming Lyneth Monteith to the 'head of her class'

Cayman's new acting chief education officer has a challenging time ahead.

Mr. Manderson: Fire away

The deputy governor's written warning to civil servants about customer service is a good first step, but one that is meaningless if he doesn't take the second step.

Plane with flammable cargo makes emergency landing

A DHL plane carrying flammable cargo diverted to Cayman for an emergency landing on Wednesday morning.

Banned books, libel, voodoo remain criminal

A five-page long list of books, magazines, trade publications and periodicals – some of which are no longer even in print – remain against the law to import into the Cayman Islands.

Crude oil bears betting on supply glut miss market rally

Speculators cut bullish oil bets for a fourth week, missing a market rebound.

No long-term damage in Salina fire, Trust believes

National Trust representatives say they don't think there is any long-term environmental damage to the Salina Reserve from last month's fire.

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