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EDITORIAL – Cuban migration: Cayman’s conundrum

At its most basic, Cayman’s Cuban migrant problem is this: Our tiny territory does not have the resources, population or infrastructure to accommodate hundreds of political refugees.

Cuba to Cayman: One migrant’s saga

All Yoel and the 38 other Cuban migrants can do is wait, passing the time by undertaking essentially volunteer work, engaging perhaps in the occasional protest, and allowing themselves to indulge in what they felt was forbidden in their “madre patria” of Cuba, that is, to hope.

Government hit with $24 million in unexpected added costs

The Cayman Islands government was required to spend an extra $24 million in largely unanticipated, supplementary costs over the past two fiscal years.The expenses were detailed by Finance Minister Marco Archer in a statement to the Legislative Assembly Friday.

More than 80 Cuban migrants housed in Cayman

Eighty-two Cuban migrants are now being housed at various locations on Grand Cayman.

We’re not criminals, Cubans tell court

Two Cuban nationals were sentenced on Monday to 10 days imprisonment after pleading guilty to illegal landing.

Cubans crowd overflow detention centers

Community centers across the eastern districts are being used as overspill facilities to house Cuban migrants because of the sheer numbers arriving on Cayman’s shores.

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