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One lane of Esterley Tibbetts to close Wednesday

The north-bound lane of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway in front of Camana Bay will be closed for four hours from 10 p.m. Wednesday night.

MLA: Road maintenance budget 'not enough'

Cayman's current roads maintenance budget is not enough to suit Cayman’s infrastructure needs, a former roads minister says.

Audit slams Nation Building expenses

A report by Cayman's auditor general is highly critical of the former Nation Building Fund, but the country's former premier defends the program.

Construction rules, financial services regulations, NRA funding approved

A number of significant laws were approved by the Legislative Assembly last week. The Compass takes a look at what they will mean for local businesses.

Auditor General Swarbrick resigns, to remain in job until October

Alastair Swarbrick, the Cayman Islands auditor general for the last five years, announced his resignation Wednesday morning just as he was on the receiving end of some sharp public criticism from Cayman’s political opposition leader.

Speed limit immobility: Sign of the times

It is difficult to think of an act of governance more simple than setting a speed limit.

West Bay Road speed limit to drop in September

A plan to change speeds along Cayman's main tourism thoroughfare has hit a bumpy road.

National Roads Authority managers said Monday that none of the speed limit changes proposed after public consultation last year have taken effect, including one that would lower the limits along West Bay Road between Bay Town Plaza and the old RBS Coutts building near Public Beach to 30 miles per hour.

Roads Authority fixes drop-off on Crewe Road

A section of road on Crewe Road deemed unsafe to drivers is being repaired by the National Roads Authority.

Dart buys Barefoot Beach property

A $10 million piece of beachfront property in East End – once slated for a Mandarin Oriental Hotel – has been acquired by Dart Realty, the developer has confirmed.

More cruise passengers: Their impact on Cayman

The proposed cruise berthing facility in George Town Harbour could bring half a million more cruise passengers annually, but can Grand Cayman handle such an increase in visitors?

Surveying the auditor general’s report on land management

The latest report from the Cayman Islands auditor general on government’s land management practices covers so much topical ground that we believe it may be instructive to provide some focused analysis.

Auditor General Report: Planning decisions 'not transparent'

Cayman's financial watchdog shines the spotlight on the appointed boards that control local development behind the scenes.

Auditor General report: Government acted unlawfully on two major deals

The Cayman Islands government went outside the law in signing two major real estate development deals, auditors say.

New airport road opens

A new stretch of road has opened connecting the airport directly to North Sound Road, bypassing Industrial Park.

Fiscal prudence: The road not traveled

The stretch of asphalt connecting the Owen Roberts International Airport to Seven Mile Beach ought to be a grand entryway into Grand Cayman. Instead, we have the Esterley Tibbetts Highway. It's ugly. It's dangerous. And it smells.

NRA cites concerns with Dart road plan application

The National Roads Authority says it is concerned traffic delays on the Esterley Tibbetts Highway abutting Camana Bay will shift to the Lawrence Boulevard roundabout after the Dart Group widens the road through its development if the section south of the roundabout is not widened to four lanes as well.

NRA to receive dedicated annual road maintenance cash

Cayman's road repair efforts will finally receive a steady funding stream.

Work on Godfrey Nixon Way nearly finished

NRA says work was delayed Monday night and they hope to finish paving for the Wednesday morning commute.

Godfrey Nixon work nears completion

The National Roads Authority plans to fully reopen Godfrey Nixon Way Tuesday morning. The road will close from 7 p.m. Monday until 6 a.m. Tuesday, when both lanes are due to re-open.

Cayman's public health system in critical condition

The government has pushed back an important deadline, delaying the enactment of much-needed reforms to public healthcare.

Godfrey Nixon to close for paving Monday night

Both lanes of Godfrey Nixon Way in George Town will close starting at 7 p.m. Monday for paving, according to the National Roads Authority.

Rain, traffic cause manhole collapse

A manhole collapsed Wednesday night, causing further delays and traffic problems on Godfrey Nixon Way.

Stormy weather delays Godfrey Nixon Way project

A manhole collapse on Godfrey Nixon Way has caused the National Roads Authority to close off vehicular access from the Butterfield Roundabout until about 10 p.m. tonight, Thursday.

In road fatality, a call to action

More than 400 people gathered before dawn to remember Marcia Donaldson, killed by a suspected drunk driver on South Sound Road.

Developer can create 16-acre lake

A developer has been granted permission to create a 16-acre, 30-foot deep lake as part of a planned housing project in South Sound

Dart submits application for Esterley Tibbetts relocation

Dart submits a planning application for the realignment and widening of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway near Camana Bay.

Charity Drive: Come on, Cayman, 'Give a honk!'

Who knew that so much could be accomplished by driving around in a circle ... actually, a roundabout.

NRA pavers may remain in Brac

National Roads Authority paving equipment sent to Cayman Brac nearly five years ago may not ever return to Grand Cayman.

Minister: Speed limit changes to take effect in May

Drivers through Cayman's main tourism district will soon find slow going.

Drivers on Godfrey Nixon Way urged to use caution

The National Roads Authority is urging drivers and users of Godfrey Nixon Way to use caution while road widening work is under way.

Major investment in roads on the way

The first phase of a major multiyear project to redevelop the roads around George Town is under way.

Frustration on roads as traffic congestion increases

More than 2,000 additional vehicles were on Cayman’s roads in 2014, fueling rising traffic congestion in and around George Town.

Teen tourist critically injured in road accident

A 16-year-old tourist was in critical condition in hospital after being hit by a mini-van while crossing the road outside the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort on Monday.

Road safety study shows pedestrian, driver dangers

An assessment of Cayman roads found that, while the roads are better than in other countries in the region, there are still a number of roads dangerous to cars and pedestrians.

George Town road widening to begin this month

Road works seeking to widen and improve connections to two key roads in the central George Town area are scheduled to begin within the next month, according to the National Roads Authority.

Businesses warned over obstructive signs

Anyone who blocks a footpath with a sign or sandwich board could be hit with a $5,000 fine, the National Roads Authority has warned.

Decades later, road repairs promised

It may be the worst maintained road in Grand Cayman, but the pothole-rutted road that runs past the Strand shopping plaza is finally being repaired after decades of neglect.

Former premier, customs collector dispute lawsuit

Top Cayman officials deny claims made in a recent lawsuit filed against the National Roads Authority.

Ex-NRA boss alleges negligence, breach of contract

The former head of the National Roads Authority sues claiming government's unreasonable acts cost him his job and his health.

Ironwood: Road project to create 200 jobs

Developer Ironwood says local companies and workers will be hired on all aspects of the highway construction project, estimating that the public-private partnership will create around 200 jobs.

State of the Nation: Dart, government reach agreement

The government has reached a resolution to the lingering negotiations over an agreement between Cayman’s National Road Authority and Dart Realty, with each side getting something it wanted.

Writer concerned about roads, environment

Writer shares concerns about litter, flooding, potholes and road drop-offs.

Cayman Brac's Cuba flights: ¿Por qué?

If it were possible for a government to create an economy from scratch, through subsidies and spending, then Cayman Brac would be booming.

Dart unveils $300m Camana Bay plan

Dart Realty has unveiled its plans for a dramatic $300 million expansion to Camana Bay using broad landscaped bridges and elevating land to connect the town center to a new five-star hotel on Seven Mile Beach.

God's plan versus the planning board

“We are a Christian nation.” — That’s Gospel in the Cayman Islands. … But is it true?

Church denied planning approval

Plans for a new church in Savannah have been denied planning permission after neighbors complained that it would bring down property values.

New North Side to Bodden Town road touted

Residents of North Side peruse a plan for a proposed arterial road linking Rum Point to Bodden Town district.

Cayman Enterprise City announces site for permanent campus

Cayman Enterprise City announces the acquisition of a 50-acre site near central George Town where the special economic zone’s permanent 850,000-square-foot campus will be built.

Kimpton hotel taking shape in Grand Cayman

The new Kimpton hotel on Seven Mile Beach is beginning to take shape. Construction workers completed the fifth story of the 10-story hotel this weekend.

Minister: Mortgage rescue plan 'not effective'

Government's former 'Save the Mortgage' program apparently didn't live up to its name.

Suspended sentence for keeping explosives

A man who told police he found explosives and kept them was given a suspended sentence after pleading guilty to possessing them without authority.

Premier trumpets audit successes again

More government agencies pass their annual audit tests, but most of those reports still haven't been made public.

Prisoners tackle beach debris

Between 10 and 18 prisoners are working every day to clean up beaches along the north coast.

Holiday season means cleanup time for Cayman

Road and beach cleanups are going on throughout Cayman in the runup to Christmas.

Trash talk: Let’s clean up our acts

The dirty deeds of Grand Cayman's human detritus are evident throughout our roadsides, yards and beaches – even Cayman's so-called "national park" in Barkers.

Road appeal dismissed

It could be the end of the road for a group of women protesting the closure of part of West Bay Road in a land-swap deal between Dart and government after their latest legal challenge failed.

Ironwood developer: East-West highway extension to cost $50M

A planned 10-mile extension to the East-West Arterial Highway to pave the way for a new golf resort will cost around $50 million to complete and construction could begin before Christmas, developer Ironwood said this week.

Funding for eastern roads still unclear

The construction of two new roads through Grand Cayman’s eastern districts, which would appear to be crucial for future economic development, is in doubt over questions of available funding.

Lawyer: Government had to close West Bay Road under Dart agreement

Government would have been on the hook for millions of dollars in compensation if they had broken an agreement to close part of West Bay Road any time after it was signed in December, 2011, a court heard Wednesday.

West Bay Road closure protesters back in court

A group of women contesting the closure of part of West Bay Road have urged the Court of Appeal to overturn a judge’s decision that their legal challenge was made too late to be considered on its merits.

Between a rock and a hard place

Residents of a Newlands affordable homes subdivison are in a bind after two huge boulders were placed on a connectivity road blocking easier access to their homes.

Prisoners to clean up north coast

Plans are in place for prisoners to clean the north coast of garbage and seaweed from Rum Point to Morritt's Resort.

Dart plans second hotel on Seven Mile Beach

The Dart group has confirmed that it in the “early planning stages” for another hotel on Seven Mile Beach.

New canal subdivision for SMB corridor

Road works began on a new canal subdivision along the Seven Mile Beach corridor, but how the development gains final access to the Esterley Tibbetts Highway has not been determined yet.

Deluge floods West Bay Road

Torrential rain left a section of West Bay Road looking like a lake on Sunday creating a hazard for motorists and causing disruption to businesses along the Seven Mile strip.

P.E. teacher: Let’s make it safer to walk to school

Writer says community should rally to create safe walking zones near schools.

EY: Privatize road improvements

Greater funding for the development of Cayman’s major roads could be acquired if the National Roads Authority partners with the private sector on road development, according to Ernst & Young consultants.

Immediate outsourcing plan: Cut 200 jobs, save $2m plus

Government has 18 areas where jobs could be outsourced in the short term, a consultant's report concludes.

Conservation council unveiled

The director of the Blue Iguana recovery program, the author of a Cayman bird-watching guide and an orchid researcher are among the members of the island’s first National Conservation Council.

Concerns in the districts

Reader has concerns about roads, signs and Centennial Park.

Cemetery owner awarded $400k for seized land

A private cemetery owner who had land taken to make way for a new highway is awarded around $400,000 in compensation and costs, following an eight-year legal battle.

Woman brutally hacked in Bodden Town

A machete attack in Bodden Town leaves a local woman in critical condition.

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