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Sargassum smothers local shores

Cayman’s pristine shoreline is once again under attack from a familiar foe as mounds of sargassum have started washing up on local beaches.

NASA spots millions of tons of sargassum in Caribbean

Satellite images show the Eastern Caribbean is likely to be heavily impacted by influxes of sargassum this summer.

Year in Review: The summer of sargassum

An occasional menace in summers past, sargassum swamped Cayman’s beaches in such volumes this year, the problem became impossible to ignore.

Eat it to beat it: Sargassum seaweed, baked, boiled and fried

Mats of sargassum seaweed are a treasure trove of surprises. A natural habitat for small marine life, sargassum offers food and shelter to shrimp,...

Scientists slowly unravel sargassum mystery

As Caribbean economies reel from the impacts of multiple years of sargassum invasions, a new field of research has emerged to find out what is fueling the phenomenon. The Cayman Compass talked to scientists from Barbados to Florida as they track the sargassum back to the source.

Minister Joey Hew: “Next year, we will be ready”

Infrastructure Minister Joey Hew sat down with the Cayman Compass to talk about government’s plans to deal with the sargassum threat.

Sargassum solution

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Sargassum mapping empowers tourists

A less-than-postcard-perfect vacation to the Caribbean in 2013 resulted in one of the region’s most utilised tools for monitoring seaweed conditions on popular tourist beaches.

The Issue Explained: Sargassum in the Caribbean

Since 2011, periodic invasions of sargassum have been a feature of life in the Caribbean.

A deep dive into the seaweed

You smell it, before you see it. That pungent rotten-egg scent that carries on the sea breeze is the first warning sign of an unwelcome visitor to Cayman’s shores.

Businesses count the cost of an unwelcome visitor: sargassum

For large parts of the summer, sections of shoreline from South Sound to East End were smothered with a mass of sargassum. The only distinguishable scent was the potent sulphur-tinged odour of rotting seaweed.

Sargassum problem ‘here to stay’

Environment officials are investigating long-term solutions to the ongoing problem of regular invasions of foul smelling sargassum seaweed that have impacted Cayman’s beaches over the past few years.

Mail Call: Sargassum summer

Sargassum. It is quickly becoming a dirty word here in the Caribbean, as massive floating mats of the stuff inundate our shores.

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