Little League roundup


CIBC vs. Subway

Subway opened with great fielding to take 5 outs in the first to CIBC’s 2. Good fielding by Subway extended this to 9 outs with CIBC throwing five bats which was not in character. CIBC fielded in the bottom of the last innings and had a big 7 out deficit to make up. They battled hard and ended up two outs down on the last batter with three possible outs in play. Two outs secured a tie and was a fair result on the day.

Final score 21-21 Tie

Burger King vs. Re/Max

Burger King wins!!

A great demonstration of hitting skills by Ethan Hersant.

Players of the Match: Ethan Hersant.

Final Score: 14- 6 Burger King

Gatorade vs. Digicel

The game started off very well as Digicel demonstrated good hitting. From the start Gatorade was able to make stops but could not turn them into outs as Digicel got nine straight batters on base. Digicel’s last batter Eric hit a homerun with two runners on base to finish their inning. Gatorade batted very well as they evened the score up after one inning with homeruns from Jayden Downey ,Tyler Parchment and their last batter Albertini Holness. So with the game tied each team put their key players as pitcher and first base. Gatorade got seven outs in the inning to set up a very exciting finish as they needed to score 12 runs for the win and they got a homerun from Kevin Lepage to help cut into the lead. Now with two runners on base Gatorade’s last batter Albertini Holness needed to get one home for the tie and two home for the win. He was successful in hitting the game winning home run for Gatorade his second of the game.

Players of the Match: Kevin Lepage, Jayden Downey, Albertini Holness, Tyler Parchment

Final Score: 29 to 27 Gatorade

Butterfield Bank vs. Conyers Dill and Pearman

What a game on Saturday against Conyers Dill & Pearrman. Both teams had 16 players who were really ready to play. The Butterfield team batted first. Both batting and base running were great, including a grand slam home run with the bases loaded with Kaylee as last batter. But CD&P were on fire as they got 3 batters out at third base, 2 at home plate, 1 at first, and 2 on a pop fly that was caught in the air, for a total of 8 outs.

The coaches told the Butterfield team they needed to be really on top of their game to come back from 8 outs, and they took the field determined. CD&P’s first 3 batters were strong hitters, but Butterfield hung in there, until the fourth batter hit a great home run to bring everyone in safe. Unshaken, Butterfield got their first out at first base on the next batter. CD&P’s next batter made it to first, but the Kaylee and Kristopher combination at pitcher and first got the next 2 batters out.. Calum made a great stop at right short stop and tossed it to first to give Butterfield their fourth out, followed by another out at first. The next 5 batters all made it to first, but Butterfield got another 2 outs on last batter, for a total of 7 outs. Great teamwork and determination helped close the gap to just a one run lead at the end of the first inning.

The coaches told the Butterfield team they needed strong hits and hard running against CD&P, and seven Butterfield batters made it around the bases, including a great double by Justin, before CD&P got their first out. On the next hit, CD&P got their second out at third base. After another out at first, it was looking good for Butterfield as 3 more batters made it on base. When the last batter came up the bases were loaded. But it just wasn’t a good hit that day, and Butterfield only managed to get one runner in as CD&P got 3 more outs for a total of 6 outs.

So Butterfield took the field in the last inning, with the challenge of catching up to 14 outs from 7. The first batter hit a home run, followed by 3 more good hits, and then Lex got an out at third base. Three more batters made it to base before Sean and Elias got an out at first. Then Kristina got an out at second base. There were no more outs and it looked like the game might be over as CD&P’s last batter stepped up to the plate with the bases loaded. They only needed one runner to make it home to win the game. He was tall and he swung that bat like he was born to it, and it looked like a certain win for CD&P. The morning sun was hot and it was humid, and the air was still. Carter at short stop had his pant legs pulled up, and his socks pulled down, and with sweat trickling off the end of his nose, he was ready. The infield was poised, not ready to give in just yet. The outfield was in ready position, every player’s eyes on that big black tee at home plate.

It was a beautiful hit, the kind kids dream of at night. It soared higher than any hit I’ve seen all season, at any age level. The runners all took off, as the batter headed for first base, certain he’d just hit a home run. All heads turned skyward, as the Butterfield infielders turned and stood ready and waiting for the outfielders to field that ball, if it were even possible to field such a spectacular hit. The coaches could only stand and watch, and think, ‘Come on kids, you can do it.’ It was all Kaylee’s. She got under it and then lost it in the sun for a second, and squinting, reaching, she got under it again…and caught it. It was the kind of play all good T-ballers dream about. Kaylee caught a pop-fly on the last batter with the bases loaded, and all four runners were automatically out, ending the game in a tie.

Well, I guess they don’t call it the Field of Dreams for nothing.

Thanks to Tom, Tim, Sarah, Rob, and Frazer for great coaching during the game and thank you for coming out and cheering your kids on.

Player of the Match: Kaylee and Kristopher

Final Score: 18-18 Tie


First Caribbean International vs. Bodden Beverages

Great pitching by the rookie pitchers of FCIB of Alyssa Ebanks and Romula Hoybia prevented Bodden Beverages from scoring in the first two innings. Romulo also hit a 2 RBI home run to help FCIB take a 10-0 lead going into the third. Bodden Beverages battled valiantly and put 3 runs on the board in the last two innings but the good fielding of FCIB proved two much and Matthew Thompson closed out the game with a great fly ball catch.

Players of the Match: Matthew Thompson

Final Score: 12-3 FCIB


May 8

Final Touch vs. Too Hot

Both teams knew that this was to be an important game with both eligible for top of the table honours. The game started very well for Too Hot – Josh Dikau pitching well – Tyler Lee replayed and the game was fairly evenly matched in the 2/3rd innings. Andrew Parsons hit a superb ball out to the fence to bring two team mates home, but with time getting on, it looked like Too Hot might sneak home as they were 5 – 3 up in the 3rd inning. Final Touch always leaves it to the last minute to pull out all the stops but excellent batting and with loaded bases and a home run by Paul Weston it gave the team the boost it needed. With Too Hot up to bat in at the top of the forth and time running out, the score was 9 – 5 to Final touch. Pitcher changed from Tyler Lee to Mike Peck. No pressure!! but with Mike on target pitching and some excellent fielding they were two out and bases 1 and three loaded, Strike 1/2/3 game over. Just like the team not to leave it to the last inning to come good. Once again the Final Touch bleacher bristled with pride; they would just like the team not to leave it to the last inning to come good.

Players of the Match: Paul Weston and Andrew Parsons

Final Score: 9-5 Final Touch

May 8

Too Hot vs. Final Touch

Josh Dikau struck out in the first. Two batters and batter number 6 stranding three Final Touch runners on base. On offense Daniel Watler started Too Hot off with a past hit. Tanner Hatch crushed one to centre field which bounced over the fence stopping him at second base. Josh Dikau followed with a hit to the right field fence brining two runners home and reaching third base. Josh Parsons hit brought one runner home and in later play stole home for Too Hot’s fourth run in the first inning. Andy Diaz was left stranded at second following a base hit

Final Touch scores three off a hit to the fence in the top of the second inning. Too Hot’s Brayton Chavez started the bottom of the second with a base hit. Daniel Watler’s hit brings home the only runner in the bottom of the second. An efficient top of the third with Josh Dikau striking out the first two batters and Daniel Watler catching a pop fly to close out the defense. Josh Parsons was robbed a home run opportunity when an outfield fly bounced over the fence. Final Touch crushed some big hits to the fence in the top of the fourth bringing six runs and a shift in the leap. Too Hot advanced two runners to bases but were left stranded.

Players of the Match: Josh Dikaui

Final Score 9-5 Final Touch

May 11,

Too Hot vs. Final Touch

Tanner Hatch pitched the entire game and held Final Touch to secure the win toToo Hot. Josh Dikau, Andy Diaz and Josh Parsons had big hits to help Too Hot towards Victory.

Players of the Match: Tanner Hatch

Final Score: 12-8 Too Hot

May 11

Olde vs. Grand Harbour

Top of 1st and Olde was up first to bat with Dino. He hits, gets to first and manages to steal 3 bases all the way home. Could it have been the ” fashion statement magical socks” worn by Dino tonight? Alex Pascal hits straight down the 1st base line all the way to the outfield. He gets all the way to 3rd base and he too steals to the final plate. Bottom of First Inning and Kiel makes a beautiful stop outfield, great throw to Dave on 2nd base. Dave in turns throws it all the way to catcher and Alex to get the 3rd out on Grand Harbour. Beautiful & Quick Play by all three members of the Olde team. Top of 2nd and Alex made an excellent hit to bring Dino and Dave back home. Unfortunately, for Alex it was a great stop by Grand Harbour which kept him on 1st base. Kaleb also has a good hit and brought him and Alex up two bases. The score was 6 GH to 4 Olde. Bottom of 2nd and Dave makes a quick stop at 2nd , great throw to 1st baseman Dino. It was a close out but these players made it happen. Top of 3rd and Ryan makes a super hit and the ball zooms way past the 2nd base line. It was so good he gets all the way to the third. Zoey walks to 1st base and felt good about stealing to second base. Dino is up to bat bringing Zoey ALL THE WAY HOME! Bottom of 3rd and excellent Pitching by Kaleb which made this inning a quick one. Not to mention a good hit by Grand Harbour, the ball flies outfield but was Kiel ready for it He caught it in mid air. The last out was stopped by the pitcher, Kaleb. This ball threw him off of his feet. It didn’t slow him down as he threw it to Dino at first and the player was out. Top of 4th and Kaleb hits and gets Alex home. Alex stirs up the dust as he slides into home. Kaleb steals three bases and makes a slider to the home plate.

Players of the Match: Kaleb, Dino, Kiel, Zoey, Dave and Alex

Final Score: 15-7 Grand Harbour

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