NG donates children’s books to schools

The National Gallery has donated several copies of a local children’s book to Cayman primary schools.

The book, ‘This is Cayman, Dis is Paradise’, was created by Emérentienne and Hector Paschalides in a mother and son collaboration and was written and designed to help raise funds for the Gallery.

The donation of 20 books was made to the heads of the Department of Education Services (DoES) by Mrs. Paschalides and National Gallery Education Officer, Kushana Gentles.

In attendance at the presentation was DoES Deputy Chief Education Officer, Francine Gardner, Community Liaison, Delores Thompson and Head of Teaching and Learning, Caroline Dawes.

Ms. Gardner said: ‘I am pleased to accept these books on behalf of the Department of Education Services and wish to offer sincere thanks to the staff of the National Gallery and the authors for their generous donation’. Ms. Gardner added that the students would enjoy the books as the content relates well to their environment.

The books will be distributed to each library at the various schools in the hope of inspiring other children to produce cultural writings and illustrations on the Cayman Islands as well as to promote literacy within our schools.

Author Emérentienne Paschalides said: “I am glad that the members of the Department of Education found the chicken character such an entertaining idea. Of course, we often overlook what is interesting or original just in front of us and education is really all about opening our eyes to the marvellous world that we live in’.

She said ‘Every book adds to the information that is available to us and I hope that my little book will help in its own small way. And if not, I hope that at least it will bring a smile.”

A similar presentation was done in the Sister Islands for donation to the primary schools there by the Gallery’s Communication and Marketing Manager, Mona Tatum-Watler. Principals for Creek and Spot Bay Primary Schools, Tammy Banks-DaCosta and Janice Bradshaw and Principal for West End Primary, Gayle Connolly and Principal of the Little Cayman Primary School, Veronica Juman-Khan were all in attendance to receive the books donated by the Gallery.

The general public can support the National Gallery by purchasing these books from the Gallery store or outlets around the Cayman Islands. The cost is CI$15.00 and all sales benefit the Gallery and its programmes.

To reserve your copy call the Gallery on 945-8111 or e-mail [email protected] or Eme on [email protected].

The book is the product of a mother-and-son collaboration. It is illustrated with bright and delightful drawings by Hector Paschalides, who was ten years old at the time of publishing. Hector is now attending boarding school in the UK while his family resides in Grand Cayman.

He and his mother, Emérentienne Paschalides (Gallery volunteer staff) have donated the book to the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands as a fundraising effort in support of local artists and the appreciation and practice of the visual arts in the Cayman Islands.