Youth skate on

The WestTel Youth Roller Hockey League at King’s Sports Centre continues to heat up with several major events in store for players and fans.

Today the league will see the second annual Inter-School tournament. Cayman Prep, Cayman International School, Saint Ignatius and Montessori by the Sea will all take part in this year’s tournament. Games start at 3:30pm.

For the first time ever, the league will also be broadcasting the WestTel youth hockey playoffs and championship games. Live-streaming will start tomorrow with the 6U divisional games and continue throughout the remainder of the season.

League Director Ray Singh said: ‘The new live-stream element to the program is great for family and friends all over the world. The players’ grandparents from around the world will get to share in the fun.’

All live-stream footage is free to viewers and will be available by visiting

As for league standings, this past weekend saw some of the final games in the regular season.

After the Week 8 games, the Vampt Oilers regained the No.1 spot in the WestTel 12U division. They beat the Five Continent Leafs 8-2. Conyers Canucks beat the Appleby Sharks 8-5.

In the 9U division only one official game took place. The No.1 seed XN Financial battled the No.2 seed UBS, with a 5-3 victory in favour of the Rangers.

Meanwhile the 6U division wrapped up their final week of the regular season. The Walkers Blue Iguanas finished with a 4-0 victory over the CSA Islanders. Maples Stars lost to the RBC-Trust Lightning 4-1.