Crunchers smashed them up

The Thursday Night Cayman Islands Ball Hockey League at King’s Gym came to an end last week with UBS Crunchers defeating the CML Professionals 7-2 in the decisive one game finals.

The league started way back in October and consisted of six teams: PwC/CIBC Scorps, WestTel Barracudas, UBS Crunchers, CML Professionals, Hammerhead Sharks, and SMU Legendz.

All teams made the playoffs in the 2008-09 season. In the quarter finals, WestTel prevailed against SMU 6-1, and CML stymied Hammerheads 4-3, with PwC and UBS receiving a first round bye.

In the semi-finals, CML ousted PwC 4-2 and UBS beat WestTel 3-1. The league ran a three period format for the championship game, with each period lasting 20 minutes.

After the first period, CML had built up a quick lead and was winning 2-0. UBS chipped away at CML’s lead, and ended the second period leading 3-2. The third period saw UBS finish the game with a 7-2 victory.

‘It was a strong effort by UBS to battle back from a two goal deficit,’ said UBS coach Jason Windsor. ‘The top line scored 5 of our 7 goals. The other lines kept sustained pressure on CML throughout the game and played excellent defense holding the opposition to only two goals and Jeremy was stellar in net.

‘UBS had the most guys show up week in and week out so I’m glad everyone’s dedication and hard work paid off in the end.’

CML coach Ian Bridges pointed out that CML had a major turnover of players from the previous season. ‘This turnover led CML to have a very dynamic 08/09 year with various players coming and going resulting in fielding a different team from week to week,’ he said.

‘While we were somewhat able to return to our previous championship form, it was evident UBS’ solid team game and chemistry was simply too much for us to overcome in the one game final.’

CIBHL organizer Cristian Kertesz said he was quite pleased with the way this season turned out. ‘It’s been very successful and we’ve showcased a level of competitiveness not seen for a couple of years,’ he said.

‘I’m looking forward to maintaining or even surpassing that level of play in the coming season, and most importantly we’ll hopefully continue to have just as much fun.’