Fifty-four receive ICCI degrees

Fifty-four graduates received degrees from the International College of the Cayman Islands Thursday evening.

The 37th annual commencement exercises were held at the Church of God Family Life Centre, Academy Way.

Addressing the graduates, Cindy Scotland, managing director of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, applauded the graduates on their accomplishments.

She also told them as the future leaders of society, they must act decisively to improve their communities – a calling that would require their time and energy.

She encouraged graduates to seek out opportunities to volunteer, serve on public boards and act as mentors to Cayman’s youth.

‘Whether it is simple or lofty, any time that can be dedicated to the public is valuable,’ she said.

Mrs. Scotland also said their skills were not meant just to prepare them for careers, but for the many turns life may take and that they must be prepared for the changes ahead.

‘The days of persons committing to one career path after high school until retirement are in the past.’ she said.

Mrs Scotland also advised graduates to ensure they are a success. ‘You must work hard, be loyal, take chances and embrace change.’

Student speaker Manlio Conolly spoke about the difficulties in pursuing a degree while working full time, noting that most of his fellow students had to endure long days at work followed by long evenings at school but that they had persevered and completed their long journey.

Also in attendance were Acting Governor Mr. Donovan Ebanks, Premier, McKeeva Bush, Education Minister Rolston Anglin, Community Affairs Minister Mike Adam, Heath Minister Mark Scotland and MLAs Alden McLaughlin, Elio Solomon and Dwayne Seymour.


Marjorie Bush Dixon received the James M. Bodden Memorial Award for volunteerism; Melissa Smith – the CISPA Award for the highest grade point average in associate for accounting; Karita Whittaker – Cayman National Award for highest grade point average in finance in the bachelor program; Sharmine Anderson – the Cayman National Award for highest grade point average among all graduates with an associate degree, Kelly Sage and Susan Graham – the Deloitte award for having the highest master degree grade point average and Manlio Conolly – the Cayman Islands Society Professional Accounts Award for the highest grade point average in accounting bachelor programme. Mr. Conolly also received the Ernst & Young award for Academic Excellence.

Students receiving associate degrees were: Sharmaine Anderson, Kristie Bothwell-Cumings, Elodi Eden, Kimari Fletcher-Barrett, Benita Francis, Antony Hall, Naketa Hue Kandie Hurlston, Jacqueline Hynes, Avril Jacques, Carlene Lawrence, Joyce Martinez_Suckoo, Thresia McLean, George Miller, Martha Quintero-Cruz, Kerrilyn Rivers, Melissa Smith, Bridget Thompson and Weston Williams.

Students receiving Bachelor of Science degrees were: Kerene Anderson, Kemisha Burke, Marjorie Bush-Dixon, Arleth Powery, Manlio Conolly, Donnamae Dixon, Nicole Ebanks, Tanya Edwards and Jennifer Jackson-Hydes, Damara Jervis, Genene Larmond-Mullings, Neil Lumley, Myriam Madigan, Isabel Mason, Melanie McLaughlin_McCoy, Alicia Minott, Eunice Morris, Ian O’Sullivan, Marjorie Robinson, Elaine San Nicolas, Shaynel Scott, Katrina Thomas, John Unick, Yyonne Warwick, Mitzi Watson-Jervis and Karita Whittaker.

Master of Business Administration: Ishmael Dasilva, George Ebanks, Susan Graham, Martin Laufer, Jaron Leslie, Joanna Virtue-Markman and Troy Whittaker.

Master of Science: Karie Bergstrom, Jaron Leslie and Kelly Sage.