Fishy films for free on offer at Camana Bay theatre

Do you ever swim, snorkel or dive in the sea? Do you ever eat seafood? If the answer to any of those is yes – and, actually, even if it’s no – as an individual living on an island (and as a citizen of Planet Earth) it behooves you to find out a little about the issues that are playing out all around you, just beneath the waves.

To this end, the Cayman Islands Department of Environment has teamed up with Hollywood Cinemas in Camana Bay, and will be screening marine conservation-themed films for the next three Saturdays, starting at 11am.

The films to be shown cover a variety of topics:

13 October: The End of the Line – a major feature documentary that reveals the impact of over fishing on our oceans.

20 October: Sharkwater – Rob Stewart debunks some popular myths about sharks and reveals a species that is key to the evolution of the seas.

27 October: Changing Seas: Grouper Moon – Researchers from the REEF and the Department of Environment study one of the last great reproductive populations of the Nassau Grouper.

“There are two big myths surrounding the ocean,” says Laura Richardson, Marine Parks research officer at DOE. “One is that the oceans are huge, full of life and will never run out of fish. Well, they are huge – but not limitless. If consumption continues on this current trend then we will have no fish left by 2048. That’s less than 30 years from now.”

She continues: “The second ocean myth is that sharks are ruthless, indiscriminate killers. This is also not true. More importantly, sharks are vital to the survival and production of marine ecosystems. They are certainly powerful and should be respected, but they don’t actually want to eat people.”

While the first two films address threats to the oceans worldwide, the last film is of particular local interest as it examines possibly the last big reproducing population of Nassau groupers in the world, right here in the Cayman Islands.

So, plenty of fishy facts to pick up during the next few weeks. All you need to do is sign up in advance at the Discovery Centre in Camana Bay and then show up at the cinema.

All screenings are free.

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