Commissioner denies rumours

It has come to my attention over the past 24 hours that there have been two very separate but distinct attempts to undermine the credibility of both the RCIPS and me personally.

It is not lost on me that these attacks come at a time when we are in the midst of a very sensitive and high profile investigation. However, let me assure the public, and those who would seek to damage both my reputation and that of the RCIPS as a whole, that we will not allow them to detract us from the job in hand.

The first matter is the circulation of a photograph on social media, and to the wider media, of a police officer who is clearly asleep. This photograph is being circulated with the headline – RCIPS at its best. The individual in the picture is NOT an RCIPS officer and the cap badge is clearly from another jurisdiction. Despite the fact the photograph has been circulating throughout the Caribbean for several months – the headline stating it is an RCIPS officer has only just been added for greater local impact.

Secondly, I have become aware from several sources of rumours circulating that I was involved in a car crash sometime in the past two weeks and, that despite the fact I was allegedly driving under the influence, I was not asked to provide a breath test to the officers at the scene. The incident referred to did not take place and anyone who suggests it did is a liar! I do not drink and drive and if I had been involved in a crash, I would expect my officers to act professionally and to administer a breath test, as per our normal procedures. Let me make it clear that it is my intention to take legal action against anyone who has made, or continues to make, pass-on or publish, these defaming comments. I would ask anyone who has received them to come forward and name the people responsible to allow those proceedings to commence. In addition, I would urge anyone who believes that they have evidence of wrongdoing by me, or indeed of any RCIPS officer, to contact our Professional Standards Unit. However, If individuals don’t have confidence in the internal investigation process they should send the information to the Governor’s Office for attention.

I expect the highest standards of my officers, not least as that is what the public of the Cayman Islands deserve. Those same standards apply to myself and anyone else on the Island as none of us is above the law.

David Baines

Commissioner, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service


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