Government releases overseas travel costs

European trip cost more than $14,000

The Cayman Islands government spent a little more than $14,000 on Premier Alden McLaughin’s trips to London, Gibraltar and Jersey last month.

According to a government news release issued Friday, Mr. McLaughlin and the chief officer in the Ministry of Health, Sports, Youth and Culture, Jennifer Ahearn, traveled premium economy – at a cost of $2,739 apiece – when they went to Gibraltar on Sept. 11 to attend a three-day-planning meeting in preparation for the Joint Ministerial Council meeting of the Overseas Territories.

They were each allotted $150 per diem for a total of $1,200 each for eight days, the release said.

Following Gibraltar, Ms Ahearn traveled to London for a meeting of sherpas to help set the agenda for the Joint Ministerial Council meeting, which will be held in London in November. Ms Ahearn is the premier’s Joint Ministerial Council sherpa – a term for a personal representative or emissary of a head of state or government who prepares an international summit.

Accommodation in Gibraltar was provided by the Joint Ministerial Council, the government release said. Ms Ahearn had no accommodation costs in London as she stayed with friends.

Minister for Financial Services, Environment and Commerce Wayne Panton and Councillor for Financial Services Roy McTaggart joined Mr. McLaughlin in London and the three then traveled to Jersey at the invitation of Chief Minister Ian Gorst and the Government of Jersey, which provided accommodation.

Airfare for Mr. Panton and Mr. McTaggart was $2,439.15 each for premium economy seats. They were each given $750 for five days in per diem allowance.

The total cost of the trip for all four was $14,256.20.