More welcome news from CCMI

It’s been a good month for the Central Caribbean Marine Institute and its team of 12 staffers who run the Little Cayman Research Centre.

While the researchers typically labor in relative obscurity, in and around the beaches and waters of the smallest of the Cayman Islands, in recent weeks CCMI has made headlines for a number of positive, newsworthy happenings.
On Oct. 18, the institute held its annual Festival of the Seas fundraiser, with proceeds from the black-tie event going to CCMI’s research and education program.

In mid-November, the Cayman Compass published a story on the institute’s “coral reef nursery project,” home to some 250 coral colonies.

Scientists say the endangered staghorn corals in the nursery are healthy and growing at rates consistent with coral in the wild. As CCMI President Carrie Manfrino said, “It is a private study to determine how well we can grow and propagate this particular species because it is the most threatened species in the ocean right now.”

Most recently, CCMI announced that the Dart Foundation has given it a US$40,000 grant to upgrade facilities and expand programs, including to educate more children about the marine environment.

Considering Cayman’s historical, physical and economic relationship with the ocean, and the good work that CCMI has been performing for the past decade, the Dart Foundation’s latest act of largesse seems to be going to a most worthy cause, indeed.

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