Foster’s Food Fair – IGA sent out a press release Friday accepting responsibility for a reckless driving incident involving a tractor trailer driving at high speed around the Island Heritage Roundabout.

The incident, which took place on June 22, was caught on video and posted to Facebook, and Foster’s admitted Friday that the truck belongs to its company and was driven by one of its employees.

Foster’s IGA said in the release that once it learned about the incident, an investigation began and the driver was immediately removed from the road. Discipline will be taken accordingly.

The company says it recognizes that road safety is of utmost importance and that it expects its drivers to follow all traffic and road laws at all times. Foster’s requires its drivers to drive five miles per hour below the speed limit, and following this incident of reckless driving, management plans on taking action to reinforce and review all of its road safety policies to make sure its guidelines are followed.

“We are deeply disappointed and alarmed by this situation,” said Julian Foster, the company’s marketing senior manager, in a statement. “We ensure the public that road safety is a top priority for our drivers and we are using this incident to look at our policies to make sure this does not happen again. We apologize to the community and we encourage all road users to continue reporting reckless driving when witnessed.

“We also encourage the business community to look at their road safety policies and come together to make certain we are all doing our part to keep roads safe in Cayman.”

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  1. I wonder if because of the speed that the truck was traveling at and the design of the road couldn’t have caused what did happen .
    If I was the Manager/ Owner of big trucks like that , I would put signs on the trucks to say , (how is my driving phone 949 6534) But I would always encourage people to use their camera too , but not while driving .

  2. While in no way condoning the driving of the truck, I also have an issue with the driver of the car following who was using a hand held, presumably, mobile phone camera, to record this. In many jurisdictions, using a mobile phone whilst driving is illegal and it certainly means the driver is concentrating less on what he/she is doing than he/she ought to be.