Two Little Cayman residents dug an adult female sea turtle from underneath the deck of a home last week when it became apparent the turtle could not free itself.

Little Cayman native Frankie Bodden, an avid turtle-watcher, said green sea turtles often visit the yard of orthopedic surgeon Dr. Bill Watson this time of year to lay their eggs.

“These turtles have been coming to his yard and the yard next door,” Mr. Bodden said. “It’s a good area for them because it’s a really nice, sandy beach.”

Unfortunately, this female had gone a bit too far into the yard and found herself partly under the porch.

“She just dug in there, laid her eggs and must have got its head and collar under the floor,” Mr. Bodden said. “Then she pulled herself under the flooring and couldn’t turn right or left, she couldn’t go backward and in front of her was a cement wall.”

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Dr. Watson was not home, so Mr. Bodden and another resident Joe Ploplys used a shovel to dig around the turtle, giving her enough space to get back out from underneath the deck.

“When she came out, she didn’t move too fast at first, but when she found out she was free, she really moved out to the water,” he said.

The turtle wedged itself underneath the deck before laying its eggs.


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  1. When this house on Little Cayman beach was been built , did anyone ever think that anything like this would have happened . And now that we did see it happen. Would there be any thing done to prevent the next big female from getting stuck under the house floor .

    Just imagine if the owner of the house had been a way for a week , what would have happened to the turtle ?